T.R.H.s The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall in Tanzania: Final Day

On their final day in Tanzania, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Majengo Maasai Boma village near the famous Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park.  The royal couple were welcomed into the village with the people dancing, singing and chanting.

During the visit the senior village elder, Mathayo Rimba Olemirai, gave the Prince of Wales a new title to add to his laundry list of titles.

The name: Oloishiru Ingishu (He Whom the Cows Love/ The Helper of Cows).  The Duchess of Cornwall received a new name as well, Koto Engera (Mother of the Children), by the wives of the chiefs in the village.

So cool.  🙂

The purpose of the visit to Majengo Maasai Boma village was to:

… see British-funded work helping Masai girls continue from primary to secondary school, and other projects advising on fresh ways to earn money for the Masai, whose nomadic way of life is threatened by climate change and increased commercial farming on their ancestral pasture lands. source

The Prince of Wales speaks about the effect of climate change on traditional communities during a visit to the Maasai in Tanzania.

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