Frederic, Prinz von Anhalt, “I Have Shingles and I was Hit by a Car!!”

The world’s most annoying yet extremely entertaining faux prince, Frederic von Anhalt, is back in the news to the thrill of all.

So what’s been happening with him these past few weeks? Well, he recently announced to TMZ that he has Shingles, “… I was feeling sick and my face swelled. I was itchy and bumps everywhere!  So I went to the doctor and they told me I have Shingles and that it is highly contagious!”  


As if things couldn’t get any worse the faux prince he was recently hit by a car in Beverly Hills, CA.  Apparently, Frederic was jaywalking between Camden Drive and Brighton Way when a silver Honda Civic catapulted the faux prince several hundred feet into the air then landing spread eagle onto the freshly paved streets in Beverly Hills.  Miraculously he was able to immediately contact TMZ to tell them that, “… [I] damaged my meniscus and [that] I expect to be on crutches for the rest of the year.”

Get well, Fred!

 Photo courtesy of: Zimbio

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  1. This might just be the best title I’ve ever seen on a blog entry. I was drinking coffee when I read this, and now it’s all over my screen.

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