Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg to Attend Princess Martha-Louise of Norway’s Birthday Party in Oslo

The official website for the grand-ducal family of Luxembourg, Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg, have confirmed that Hereditary Grand Duke Prince Guillaume will attend Princess Martha-Louise of Norway 40th mega birthday party in Oslo on September 24, 2011.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco Participates in ‘The Arctic: Territory of Dialogue’ Conference

As I mentioned yesterday, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco would be in Archangelsk, Russia to participate in the 2nd Annual International Arctic Forum entitled, The Arctic: The Territory of Dialogue.  Well, he’s there.  🙂

The conference, held at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University in Arkhangelsk, was attended by over 300 researchers, scientists, activists, and politicians from around the world.  Discussions during today’s event focused on:

… on creating Arctic transportation infrastructure as a foundation for the development of the Arctic.  This primarily involves the development of commercial and research navigation, transportation terminals (sea ports and airports) and corridors (the Northern Sea Route), polar aviation, cargo and passenger trans-polar and cross-polar transportation. Steady development of this infrastructure is vital for the very existence of the Arctic region.cooperative efforts to protect the Arctic environment, environmental safety, the rational use of natural resources in the Arctic …

After a brief lunch, Prince Albert II gave a speech regarding the environment and greenhouse gas emission cuts:

The international community can not remain in its current passive condition and hold back from new obligations after the first round of the Kyoto commitments expires…

I would post the entire speech (which, in my opinion, is interesting); however, it will probably bore the crap out of many… so I’ll spare you.  Anyway, to view photos please click here.

Photo courtesy of: Reuters/A. Druginyn

‘Marie Antoinette: The Scapegoat Queen’: A Documentary About the Last Queen of France. Plus, other Films about the French Monarchy

Here is a documentary about the last queen of France entitled, Marie Antoinette: The Scapegoat Queen.  Click the links below to watch this five-part series:

Finally, the French historian, William Beik, from Emory University in the United States gives a lecture about the lives and landscape of the French monarchy   “… [which focuses on] and discusses the lives of the monarchs, including Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI, and the transformation of French culture into the pinnacle of art and refinement.”  

Following Mr. Beik is designer and lecturer Christian Duvernois who discusses “… the gardens of Versailles and the two passionate ‘royal landscape designers’ who spent time working on these gardens: Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette.”  

If you loathe listening to dry and otherwise boring university professors chit-chat about detailed history you can skip this program.  If not, click the link here to watch.