Here is a documentary about the last queen of France entitled, Marie Antoinette: The Scapegoat Queen.  Click the links below to watch this five-part series:

Finally, the French historian, William Beik, from Emory University in the United States gives a lecture about the lives and landscape of the French monarchy   “… [which focuses on] and discusses the lives of the monarchs, including Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV, and Louis XVI, and the transformation of French culture into the pinnacle of art and refinement.”  

Following Mr. Beik is designer and lecturer Christian Duvernois who discusses “… the gardens of Versailles and the two passionate ‘royal landscape designers’ who spent time working on these gardens: Louis XIV and Marie-Antoinette.”  

If you loathe listening to dry and otherwise boring university professors chit-chat about detailed history you can skip this program.  If not, click the link here to watch. 

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