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Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, “I’m Going to be the Mayor of Los Angeles!!!”

It’s been a rough year so far for the faux prince Frederic von Anhalt.  First, he announced to the world that his dear friend, Carl Alexander Prince von Hohenzollern, cancelled his wedding to his bikini model girlfriend. Then he announced that he has Shingles and then days later he was hit by a car in Beverly Hills whilst jaywalking.  Nevertheless, that is in the past and now there is finally some good news. So what’s the news? Well, he’s running for mayor here in Los Angeles!  YAY!!

Now this isn’t the first time the faux prince was in the running for a political seat.  Back in 2010 he ran for governor of California.

Any way…

The faux prince says that if he is elected mayor he wants to lower utility bills, cut taxes, end homelessness because “… [I] see people eating out of trash cans every day. This must end!” as he drives by them in his Rolls Royce.

This afternoon he held a press conference to discuss his candidacy (one reporter showed up)  Click here to watch.  To learn more about his run for L.A. mayor please visit his official website here.

Good luck, Fred!   🙂

Photos courtesy of: Fred   Danke!  🙂

Frederic, Prinz von Anhalt, “I Have Shingles and I was Hit by a Car!!”

The world’s most annoying yet extremely entertaining faux prince, Frederic von Anhalt, is back in the news to the thrill of all.

So what’s been happening with him these past few weeks? Well, he recently announced to TMZ that he has Shingles, “… I was feeling sick and my face swelled. I was itchy and bumps everywhere!  So I went to the doctor and they told me I have Shingles and that it is highly contagious!”  


As if things couldn’t get any worse the faux prince he was recently hit by a car in Beverly Hills, CA.  Apparently, Frederic was jaywalking between Camden Drive and Brighton Way when a silver Honda Civic catapulted the faux prince several hundred feet into the air then landing spread eagle onto the freshly paved streets in Beverly Hills.  Miraculously he was able to immediately contact TMZ to tell them that, “… [I] damaged my meniscus and [that] I expect to be on crutches for the rest of the year.”

Get well, Fred!

 Photo courtesy of: Zimbio

Frederic Prinz von Anhalt Speaks to ABC7 About His 25 Year Marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor

And the party never stops with Frederic Prinz von Anhalt. On August 14, 2011, the not so dashing and incredibly weird faux prince threw a mega-party to celebrate his 25 year marriage to actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor.  There were lots of guests at the couple’s Bel Air mansion including Robert Blake (yeah, that guy), Elaine Dupont, Quincy Jones, Phyllis Diller, and a drunken Frank Stallone (I have no idea who he is). So while everyone was singing, laughing, and dancing poor Zsa Zsa was wheeled into the living room, in her mobile bed, then propped up whilst wearing a tiara looking seriously confused. When speaking to ABC7‘s entertainment reporter, George Pennacchio, about the festivities the faux prince proclaimed:

Look, my wife is 94-year-old. She should have everything she wants and she should have everything large. This big party is not for the guests, not for the media, not for me. This big party is for Zsa Zsa!

Yeah. Okay.

To view photos as well as to watch a video please click the links below:

Source: ABC7

Photo courtesy of: DM via PCN