Royally Mad: A New Show From BBC America (I Pray It Won’t Be Royally Embarrassing for the Cast)

With less than one month until the big day in lovely London, England royal wedding fever is almost at its peak around the world.  As a result the television network, BBC America, decided to develop a program about uber-fanatical royal watchers from the United States and their royal fantasy adventures in England entitled, Royally Mad hosted by, Cat Deeley (you know… that lady who hosts the crapfest of a show on the FOX network called, So You Think You Can Dance on American TV.)

Here is the breakdown about this new reality show:

From an air steward to a wedding planner, the finalists come from all over the U.S. and include two life-long friends who live on opposite sides of the country and haven’t seen one another in 10 years. The one thing they ALL have in common – they ADORE the Royal Family. BBC AMERICA’s Royally Mad will give them the chance of a lifetime: to visit places associated with the Royal Family and the Royal Wedding and meet some of the people who know Kate and William and who are involved in the upcoming nuptials. Press

Look, I’ll be very blunt here: After watching the “Meet the Cast” clips on BBC America’s website, I have to admit that… I … um… well… cringed.


Now, I am sure the people on the show like Allison, Holly, Rich, Karen, and some other lady whose name escapes me at the moment are really lovely people, but I don’t know.   Judging the “Meet the Cast” clips alone… something tells me this show is going to embarrass the hell out of these lovely people three years from now. Honestly, I hope the editors and producers of this show will refrain from making fun of these ardent royal watchers.  I’m hoping for the best so… let’s see what happens when the show finally premieres on April 12, 2011 at 10pm ET/PT.

To watch the “Meet the Cast” clips please click the link:  Meet the Cast of Royally Embarrassed, err, Royally Mad!

I know I am going to receive a hellva lot of angry mail from TRC readers for expressing thoughts about the “Meet the Cast” clips from the show Royally Mad aka Royally Embarrassed/A Royally Stupid Idea For a Reality Show but Hey We At BBC America Are Desperate to Milk the Crap Out of the Upcoming British Royal Wedding Because Our Ratings Suck On Our Network, but whatever.  I can take it.   🙂

OH!  One more thing:  If you haven’t heard by now BBC America will broadcast the royal wedding live and commercial-free on April 29, 2011.

Sources: Variety and BBC America (source and photo courtesy of)


H.R.H. Prince Harry (Henry) of Wales Freezing His Cojones Off in the Arctic For a Good Cause

So, H.R.H. Prince Harry of Wales is currently hanging out in the Arctic with some amazing and admirable men.   Who are these men and why is Prince Harry in the Arctic you may ask?  Well, the red-headed and not always bright prince decided to part-take in an “…expedition to the North Pole…” with a group of wounded soldiers known as the Walking With the Wounded.

According to the British newspaper, The Telegraph:

The 26-year-old royal attended a briefing after he was greeted by the team from Walking With The Wounded, and heard about his training for the next three days. He is expected to play a full part in the final preparations for the expedition, including sleeping out on the ice and dragging a 100kg sled.

On Friday the prince will fly out to the start point of the 200-mile trek. Asked if he was ready for the challenge, he said: ‘Not as ready as these guys are, but I’m just here to give them as much support as possible. I haven’t had as much time to train.’

He added, jokingly: ‘But today, to their huge amusement, they’re going to see me on a pair of, whatever they’re called, skis, this afternoon.  So it should be entertaining for all of us.’

The prince is patron of the Walking With The Wounded charity which aims to raise £2 million from the unaided trek to help other injured servicemen and women find work, peace of mind and security.

During the briefing in Longyearbyen on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, team leader Inge Solheim said polar bears are known to be in the area. One had been chased away from the town just two days ago.

The team will today ski for seven and a half miles (12kms) pulling sleds known as pulks, weighing around 220lbs (100kg). Mr Solheim told the team: ‘It’s going to be around -25C today, so it’s quite mild and good, nothing like we’re going to get in the polar ocean. Hopefully out there we’ll get -35C to -40C with good stable high pressure.’

Harry winced as he heard the extreme temperatures. ‘It’s a little bit cold but the sun’s been quite nice” he said, during a break in the afternoon’s skiing. To be honest with you, I’ve got two working legs and two working arms – although it doesn’t feel like they are working.’

Basically, Prince Harry is doing this arduous and dangerous trek  for a good cause.  So, well done, Harry!   Good luck and don’t make a fool out of yourself whilst in the Arctic there, bud.

To read the rest of the article and to watch a video of Prince Harry in the Arctic please click the link:  The Telegraph

To view photos please click the link:  Photos galore

Source: The Telegraph Photo courtesy of: by WPA Pool/Getty Images Europe

Upcoming Royal Events for April 2011

Now that the month of March is almost over, I thought I would give you, the lovely readers of TRC, a brief look as to what royal events will happen during the month of April.  To say that the upcoming month is a big one is an understatement.     🙂

Also, I made a small list of the upcoming royal and princely weddings beginning with that small and otherwise unknown marriage ceremony between some dude named Prince William and his fiancée, Catherine Middleton.

Upcoming Royal Events in April.

April 4-6


H.S.H Prince Albert II and Charlene Visit Ireland (Dublin and Galway)

April 5-6


State Visit from Lithuania

April 12-14


H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon and H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit Visit Ghana

April 12-15


Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince W-A and Crown Princess Maxima Visit Germany (Berlin, NWF, and Sachsen)

April 14


Danish Royal Twins Christening (Copenhagen)

April 29


The Royal Wedding

H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton

April 30


King Carl XVI Gustaf’s birthday


Upcoming Royal and Princely Weddings:

April 29


H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton

June 18

Germany (SWB):

HH Princess Natalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein- Berleburg and Mr. Alexander Johannsmann


Lady Matilde Borromeo and H.S.H. Prince Antonius zu Furstenberg

July 1 and 2


H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock

August 27

Germany (Potsdam):

H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenberg