And, I’m Back. The Royal Correspondent is Back Online…


Gosh, where do I begin… It has been roughly seven and a half months since my last article published on this site.  Since then many of you have sent me an email wondering what the heck happened.

Well, I moved.  Far.  Very far.  Very, very far away to a beautiful as well as an extremely remote beach village in Panama with my longtime love.  Unfortunately, this idyllic place has no internet access, limited electricity (the power goes out constantly), and dirt roads that wash away during the rainy season (which is now).  When I am able to get access to the internet — which is in town roughly 45 minutes away from our house — I tend to re-tweet, via Twitter, news from my favorite royal bloggers and journalists.  Why?  Well, it’s difficult to write an article in our small crowded local Panamanian internet café where the connection tends to be a bit dodgy.  Plus, everyone wants to talk to you while one — hence me — is trying to connect with the modern world.  Did that make any sense?  I hope so.  🙂

Anyway, now that I am back in civilization — SoCal that is — for a bit I thought, “Heck! I might as well re-start this little ‘ole royal blog!  Perhaps one, oh, maybe two people will read it on occasion…”

So there you have it.  I’m back to bring you the latest royal news along with the rest of the 5 million awesome royal bloggers on the internet!

~ Alexandra   🙂


Happy New Year!!


Well, after a nice long two-week vacation this little blog that could — hence The Royal Correspondent — is back!

With that being said I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May 2015 be a year that brings you much love, happiness, peace, laughter, courage, and prosperity!



Something Slightly Different… (VIDEO)

Since yesterday’s opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam I thought you might enjoy the program, The Power of Art: Rembrandt, hosted by well-known British art historian, Mr. Simon Schama.

“Considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art history and the most important in Dutch history. His [Rembrandt’s] contributions to art came in a period that historians call the Dutch Golden Age.

Rembrandt’s success in his early years was as a portrait painter to the rich denizens of Amsterdam at a time when the city was being transformed from a small nondescript port into the economic capital of the world. His historical and religious paintings also gave him wide acclaim.

Despite being known as a portrait painter Rembrandt used his talent to push the boundaries of painting. This direction made him unpopular in the later years of his career as he shifted from being the talk of the town to becoming adrift in the Amsterdam art scene and criticized by his peers.”

You might also appreciate a recent article by Mr. Schama regarding the reopening of the Rijksmusem.  Please click here to read the article.


The Duchess of Alba: Giving it All Up for Love

The 18th Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva, one of the most famous nobles as well as richest women in the world, is about to marry a man 24 years younger than her.  His name: Señor Alfonso Díez.

It is not the age difference that has every one talking about their upcoming nuptials rather that the Duchess has decided to give up her personal fortune for love… all  €600 million to an estimated €3.5 billion  to her children.

To read an article about this interesting story and why she has decided to give it all up for love please click here.  

Source: The Guardian

Photo courtesy of: Daylife/Carlos Alvarez


Royally Mad: A New Show From BBC America (I Pray It Won’t Be Royally Embarrassing for the Cast)

With less than one month until the big day in lovely London, England royal wedding fever is almost at its peak around the world.  As a result the television network, BBC America, decided to develop a program about uber-fanatical royal watchers from the United States and their royal fantasy adventures in England entitled, Royally Mad hosted by, Cat Deeley (you know… that lady who hosts the crapfest of a show on the FOX network called, So You Think You Can Dance on American TV.)

Here is the breakdown about this new reality show:

From an air steward to a wedding planner, the finalists come from all over the U.S. and include two life-long friends who live on opposite sides of the country and haven’t seen one another in 10 years. The one thing they ALL have in common – they ADORE the Royal Family. BBC AMERICA’s Royally Mad will give them the chance of a lifetime: to visit places associated with the Royal Family and the Royal Wedding and meet some of the people who know Kate and William and who are involved in the upcoming nuptials. Press

Look, I’ll be very blunt here: After watching the “Meet the Cast” clips on BBC America’s website, I have to admit that… I … um… well… cringed.


Now, I am sure the people on the show like Allison, Holly, Rich, Karen, and some other lady whose name escapes me at the moment are really lovely people, but I don’t know.   Judging the “Meet the Cast” clips alone… something tells me this show is going to embarrass the hell out of these lovely people three years from now. Honestly, I hope the editors and producers of this show will refrain from making fun of these ardent royal watchers.  I’m hoping for the best so… let’s see what happens when the show finally premieres on April 12, 2011 at 10pm ET/PT.

To watch the “Meet the Cast” clips please click the link:  Meet the Cast of Royally Embarrassed, err, Royally Mad!

I know I am going to receive a hellva lot of angry mail from TRC readers for expressing thoughts about the “Meet the Cast” clips from the show Royally Mad aka Royally Embarrassed/A Royally Stupid Idea For a Reality Show but Hey We At BBC America Are Desperate to Milk the Crap Out of the Upcoming British Royal Wedding Because Our Ratings Suck On Our Network, but whatever.  I can take it.   🙂

OH!  One more thing:  If you haven’t heard by now BBC America will broadcast the royal wedding live and commercial-free on April 29, 2011.

Sources: Variety and BBC America (source and photo courtesy of)



Upcoming Royal Events for April 2011

Now that the month of March is almost over, I thought I would give you, the lovely readers of TRC, a brief look as to what royal events will happen during the month of April.  To say that the upcoming month is a big one is an understatement.     🙂

Also, I made a small list of the upcoming royal and princely weddings beginning with that small and otherwise unknown marriage ceremony between some dude named Prince William and his fiancée, Catherine Middleton.

Upcoming Royal Events in April.

April 4-6


H.S.H Prince Albert II and Charlene Visit Ireland (Dublin and Galway)

April 5-6


State Visit from Lithuania

April 12-14


H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon and H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit Visit Ghana

April 12-15


Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Crown Prince W-A and Crown Princess Maxima Visit Germany (Berlin, NWF, and Sachsen)

April 14


Danish Royal Twins Christening (Copenhagen)

April 29


The Royal Wedding

H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton

April 30


King Carl XVI Gustaf’s birthday


Upcoming Royal and Princely Weddings:

April 29


H.R.H. Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton

June 18

Germany (SWB):

HH Princess Natalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein- Berleburg and Mr. Alexander Johannsmann


Lady Matilde Borromeo and H.S.H. Prince Antonius zu Furstenberg

July 1 and 2


H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock

August 27

Germany (Potsdam):

H.I.R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenberg



Weekly Video News and Activities With All Your Favorite Royals

Once again here is the royal weekly wrap-up from the Dutch program, Blauw Bloed.  In this segment the series covers the Monaco Rose Ball, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, H.R.H. Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, Princess Laurentein of the Netherlands, Princess Marilene and Prince Maurits of the Netherlands, Princess Margriet of the Netherlands, and finally a special segment about Crown Princess Maxima.  The latter segment is pretty good and includes interviews with the Princess that I have never seen before.

So click the link where it says 10 Jaar Maxima in Nederland and enjoy!  To watch previous Blauw Bloed programs please click this link: videos

Also, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima are currently in Vietnam for an official state visit which begins tomorrow, March 28 and ends on March 31, 2011.  The royal couple will visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  More information about this official visit will be posted tomorrow so please stay tuned.  🙂



A Post for A Legend

RIP, Ms. Taylor.  😦

For those of you who live in Los Angeles, CA, LACMA is having an exhibit entitled Elizabeth Taylor in Iran: Photographs by Firooz Zahedi.

In 1976 Elizabeth Taylor visited Iran for the first and only time. Accompanying her was Firooz Zahedi, today a successful Hollywood photographer but then a recent art school graduate just learning his craft. Iran provided an exotic and engaging locale for Taylor, a tireless global wanderer still at the height of her fame. For Zahedi, who had left Iran as a child, this was a reintroduction to his own country, which he experienced not only through the camera lens but through Taylor’s eyes. It was a remarkable journey for both as documented by Zahedi’s vivid photographs, shown together here for the first time. The pair traveled to the main tourist sites: ancient Persepolis, where the Tent City erected in 1971 for the 2,500 year celebration of the Persian Empire was still standing, Shiraz home of poetry and wine, and Isfahan renowned for its beautiful tile-clad buildings.

The exhibit runs through June 12, 2011… you shouldn’t miss it.

For more information please visit the website for LACMA


HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece Attends… Oh Nevermind

On March 8, 2011, HRH Princess Tatiana of Greece attended the Vanity Fair Rocks party at the Corinthia Hotel in lovely London, England. Great.

I’m not sure what the point of this Vanity Fair party was for, but one thing that I do know: There were a lot of people at the party smoozing, boozing, and air-kissing.  Guests included model Jacquetta Wheeler, Amanda Eliasch, Ari Busson, Camilla Rutherford, Eliane Fattal, Nicky Haslam, Plum Sykes and hundreds of other fashionable people as well as VIP London socialites.

Oh and Princess Tatiana’s husband was there, Prince Nikolaos… but no one cares.

To view more photos please click the link: