And, I’m Back. The Royal Correspondent is Back Online…


Gosh, where do I begin… It has been roughly seven and a half months since my last article published on this site.  Since then many of you have sent me an email wondering what the heck happened.

Well, I moved.  Far.  Very far.  Very, very far away to a beautiful as well as an extremely remote beach village in Panama with my longtime love.  Unfortunately, this idyllic place has no internet access, limited electricity (the power goes out constantly), and dirt roads that wash away during the rainy season (which is now).  When I am able to get access to the internet — which is in town roughly 45 minutes away from our house — I tend to re-tweet, via Twitter, news from my favorite royal bloggers and journalists.  Why?  Well, it’s difficult to write an article in our small crowded local Panamanian internet café where the connection tends to be a bit dodgy.  Plus, everyone wants to talk to you while one — hence me — is trying to connect with the modern world.  Did that make any sense?  I hope so.  🙂

Anyway, now that I am back in civilization — SoCal that is — for a bit I thought, “Heck! I might as well re-start this little ‘ole royal blog!  Perhaps one, oh, maybe two people will read it on occasion…”

So there you have it.  I’m back to bring you the latest royal news along with the rest of the 5 million awesome royal bloggers on the internet!

~ Alexandra   🙂

4 thoughts on “And, I’m Back. The Royal Correspondent is Back Online…”

  1. welcome back. Im glad we can read all the interesting news and see wonderful photos again.

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