Prince Alireza Pahlavi Has Passed Away.

I am sorry to announce this dear friends, but Prince Alireza Pahlavi, son of HIM Empress Farah and the late Shah of Iran, has passed away today, January 4, 2011.

The Prince battled with depression over the years, and according to various sources, the 44 year old Prince committed suicide in Boston, Massachusetts:

…struggled for years to overcome his sorrow, he finally succumbed, and during the night of the 4th of January 2011, in his Boston residence, took his own life, plunging his family and friends into great sorrow.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

To read more please visit the official site for Reza Pahlavi (Alireza’s older brother) at: Reza

You may also read an excellent article from The Huffington Post

Source and photo courtesy of CNN International


VIP Royal Events for 2011

2011 is going to be a big year in terms of royal activities.  So, to keep you up-to-date here is a list of several key activities.

A Royal wedding and Two Princely Weddings:

  1. On April 29, 2011, the royal wedding between HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton will take place at Westminster Abbey.
  2. On July 1 and 2, 2011, the Princely wedding will take place in Monaco between HSH Prince Albert II and Miss Charlene Wittstock.
  3. HSH Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittengenstein-Berleburg and Mr. Alexander Johannsmann will have their religious wedding at the Schloss Berleburg chapel.  Princess Nathalie and Alexander have no released the date for the wedding; however, she did mention that it will happen some time in the Spring.
  4. Miss Zara Phillips and Mr. Mike Tindell will marry sometime this year.  The date for the occasion has yet to be released.

Royal Births and Christenings:

  1. TRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s twins arrive sometime in January 2011.
  2. Peter and Autumn Phillips christening of their newborn daughter.  The date for this occasion has not been released.

Royal and Grand Ducal Birthdays:

  1. On January 5, 2011, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg will celebrated his 90th birthday.
  2. Also, on January 2, 2011, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain will celebrate his 73rd birthday.

    Happy New Year!!!!!










    I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful and blessed New Year!  I would also like to thank you for visiting my blog, The Royal Correspondent, on a daily basis.  Or, if you happen to stumble upon it by accident, again, I thank you.      🙂

    It hasn’t even been two months and so far The Royal Correspondent (aka “little blog that could”) reached some astonishing stat numbers in such a short amount of time.  I’ve even managed to get the attention of several well-known journalists (you all know who you are… Tak, Merci, Thank you!), magazines from abroad, and other blogs… some who actually like what I have to say while others hate my guts simply because they consider my commentary “unfit.”

    Whatever.  I love you, too.

    Anyway, as I previously stated, may each and every one of you have a brilliant 2011; furthermore, may all your dreams come true!  And, yes, I honestly mean it!


    ~Alexandra, The Royal Correspondent


    A Royal Year: The Top Ten Royal Events of 2010

    Good Evening, Friends!

    Continuing on with The Top Ten Royal Events of 2010 list… numbers 8 and 7.  And, the winners, in my opinion, are:

    8.) Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani & Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned of Qatar: The State Visit to Britain.

    Yeah, okay, I get it some people may be scratching their heads wondering why I picked this event as one of the best moments in 2010 for royal watchers.  There are two reasons why:  First, Sheikha Mozah.  The woman is fierce.  Enough said.  Second, HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Love her.  Again, enough said.

    The state visit had all the pomp and circumstance that royal watchers love, and the fact that Sheikha Mozah wore epic Chanel furry shoes with heels that were clear (like Stripper shoes) made this state visit so much fun to watch.

    To view more photos from the State Visit to Britain please click the links below.

    You can watch the State dinner at Windsor Castle at Official Website for the British Royal Family

    Source and Photos courtesy of the Daily MailHello Magazine, Guardian Newspaper UKBBC News,  and Rick Findler.

    7.) HIH Emperor Akihito of Japan’s Balcony Birthday Wave-fest.

    I don’t care.  I thought this was a great day for royal watchers.  Why?  We finally had a chance to see Crown Princess Masako of Japan.  We rarely see her and when we do… it’s a treat.  So there.  🙂

    Photos courtesy of KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images and REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon via DayLife


    A Royal Year: The Top Ten Royal Events of 2010

    As I noted last night, 2010 has certainly been a fantastic year for royal watchers.  And, as promised here is my list of the best events that happened this past year.

    Right.  So let’s begin, shall we?

    10.) Luxembourg National Day 2010.

    For me, this year’s National Day in Luxembourg was the best for royal watchers.  Why?  Well, we finally had a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in regards to the preparation for the Gala dinner. was fortunate enough to document the preparations, and best of all… the amazing Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was featured along with Princess Alexandra and Princess Tessy.  All in all, this year’s National Day had a spark… an umph… that I have never seen before.

    To view more images from this lovely day please visit the Cour Grand Ducale de Luxembourg website at Cour Grand Ducale de Luxembourg

    Click the link to watch the behind the scenes documentary by

    Luxembourg National Day 2010

    Photos courtesy of SIP/Nicolas Bouvy and C.Hommel for the official website of the Cour Grand Ducale de Luxembourg at Cour Grand Ducale de Luxembourg and by Steve Müller

    9.) Nobel Prize 2010, Sweden

    The Nobel Prize Awards and Gala Dinner has always been a fantastic and otherwise regal event.

    However, this year was special.  The reason:  It was HRH Prince Daniel’s first Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner since marrying into the Swedish royal family. Unfortunately, HRH Princess Madeleine decided not to attend this year; instead she remained in New York City for “work.”  Yes, she was missed by some… but what ever.  There is always next year.

    HRH Crown Princess Victoria looked radiant as ever.  Wearing a gown designed by Elie Saab and an amazing tiara to top it off, clearly, she was one of the bells of the ball.

    Photos courtesy of, Svensk Damtidning,  and  Also, CLAUDIO BRESCIANI -Epa/Corbis and Peter Osterberg/Getty


    Welcome to The Royal Correspondent!

    Good Afternoon fellow royal watchers and casual peeps who happen to stumble upon this new blog by sheer accident!

    Welcome to The Royal Correspondent!

    The purpose of The Royal Correspondent is to share daily news, information, gossip, and of course fashion from the various royal houses around the world for an American audience.  We will provide you the royal news they way it should be: Unbiased, upfront, and when warranted a little snark thrown in the mix.  There are many blogs out there dedicated to one or perhaps two specific royal houses; however, this blog will hopefully be different.

    The Royal Correspondent (TRC) will focus on the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and  Spanish Royal houses, the Grand Ducal House of Luxembourg, as well as the Princely Houses of Monaco and Liechtenstein.   Non-reigning houses from Germany, France, and Hawaii will also be discussed.  But don’t fret, dear royal watchers, occasionally we will report on the daily happenings with the British Royal Family.

    With TRC you will be able to read daily news articles that are translated into English along with photos as well as videos.  Every Friday, starting November 26, 2010, there will be a weekly fashion review entitled This Week in Royal Fashion. It is a weekly wrap-up of all the hits and misses from the royals.  From time to time we will also review various books from biographies to historical fiction.  Starting January 2011 TRC will debut it’s very own You Tube channel and bi-weekly Podcast via iTunes!

    More will be added to The Royal Correspondent in regards to content so stay tuned!