A Lovely Ladies Lunch With Charlene Wittstock: UPDATE!

Today at the Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo the future Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, attended a charity luncheon cleverly entitled, Ladies Lunch.   Miss Wittstock is the honorary President of this organization so it is her duty to show up looking fabulous as always, and to pretend that she is actually interested in talking with the other old ladies at this event.  I don’t know how she does it, but I give her props for having to spend three hours one hour with bored 50+ year-old women whose husbands are probably having affairs with hot Russian supermodels.

I’m kidding.

Well, only slightly.

Anyway, the Ladies Lunch, founded by Baroness Cécile de Massy in 2004, is actually a great charity organization.  You see, they usually raise a significant amount of money for various organizations such as the Académie de Danse Princesse Grace, charities for the children in Monaco and other “…Monegasque charity associations…” At the end of today’s event the Ladies Lunch raised 28,000 Euros (roughly $39,000+) which will be donated to the Académie de Danse Princesse Grace.

To view lots of photos from today’s charity event please click the link: Photos galore

To watch a long video from the event which includes an interview with the future Princess of Monaco please click the link here. Scroll down until you see the title Ladies Lunch.  Miss Wittstock’s interview begins at the 7:40 mark.

To learn more about Ladies Lunch please click the link:  Ladies Lunch Monte Carlo and The Riviera Woman

Photos courtesy of:  Zimbio.com by Photo Agency

**Update and Correction! I have received a lovely email message from The Ladies Luncheon Monte Carlo board member, Madame Celina Lafuente de LaVotha, who kindly informed me that the future Princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock, participated at this event for only one hour.  She also informed me that she was none to pleased with the group photo backdrop, either.

So, thank you Madame de LaVotha for your information and may your next Ladies Lunch charity event be just as successful as today’s.  Oh, and since you asked me a very personal question:  Yes, I am taken.   Happily.    🙂

Again, thank you Madame de LaVotha for you inside information.  I appreciate it very much.   🙂

7 thoughts on “A Lovely Ladies Lunch With Charlene Wittstock: UPDATE!”

  1. Charlene looks really great in that outfit. Does the Sears Portrait Studio know that someone has stolen their backdrop? Seriously…that background reminds me of Picture People or Olan Mills.

    1. OMG! I literally just gagged on my Jasmine tea! Laughing and coughing. LOL.

      The backdrop is so cheesy… couldn’t they find a nicer piece? It is, afterall, at the Hotel Metropole. And, I agree with you Charlene looks great. Glad to see her lips have finally settled down (meaning they are not as puffy and duck lipped looking like they were a month ago.)

  2. I didn’t realize it was at the Metropole. No background needed, especially one that screams “100 portraits for just $9.99!”. I can’t believe they would use such a thing. Charlene’s lips look a million times better than they did earlier this year.

  3. hahaha. the update made me smile.
    Thank you, Madame Lafuente de LaVotha, for that. Seriously.

  4. Merci Madame, for taking the time to share the information, and for caring enough to inquire about Alexandra’s personal life. She’s a beautiful, intelligent person whose boyfriend is indeed quite smitten.

    Such a lovely event at such a lovely location hardly needs any backdrops or added decor (just a small suggestion for you to pass on to the planning committee, whom I’m sure are already hard at work on next year’s event).

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