Charlene Wittstock’s Father Attacked and Robbed Outside of his Home

On February 4, 2011, Charlene Wittstock’s father, Mike, was attacked, beaten, and robbed in front of his home in Rynfield, South Africa.

According to the South African online newspaper, Look

The car, a Mercedes Benz C180, belonged to one of Wittstock’s clients, who loaned it to him to go down to Durban to see his daughter.

Wittstock parked the car in his driveway after 10pm and two men approached him coming from his yard and hit him with an AK47 on his face.

According to WO Jannie van Aswegen, communication officer for Benoni SAPS, this was a planned hijacking as the two men waited for Wittstock inside his yard.  After attacking him the two men forced Wittstock to lie down on the ground.

They took his personal items including his watch, a gold chain, his ring, bank cards and cell phones.  Wittstock sustained a broken nose and facial injuries.

The men are still at large with the car.

I sincerely hope Mr. Wittstock is doing okay today; moreover, I hope they finally found those who did such a horrible and otherwise jackass thing to an elderly man.

Source: Look

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  1. Living in South Africa we have become accustomed to this sort of behaviour -which is very sad indeed. He is very LUCKY to only have a broken nose. I hope Mikael -Charlene’s father was still able to make the visit to Durban to see his daughter..Go well Charlene and All the very best with your Royal Wedding Plans. You have made South Africa proud.

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