Charlene Wittstock Discusses the Upcoming Midmar Mile Race and Much More


In today’s South African newspaper, Benoni City Times, there is an “exclusive” interview with Miss Charlene Wittstock.  The reporter had a chance to sit down with the future Princess of Monaco to talk about her charity event, the Midmar Mile, visiting her grandmother, and much more.

Besides swimming in the Midmar Mile and hosting her own charity event on Friday February 11, 2011, Miss Wittstock will also:

…go to the Nelson Mandela Photographic Exhibition, in Pietermaritzburg, on the Friday evening ahead of the race.  Wittstock hopes she will also have some time to catch up with her friends in Durban.  ‘I am really looking forward to a braai, seeing my friends and, if possible, even going to a Sharks’ match,’ she said.

Charlene talks about her up-coming wedding and Prince Albert. The wedding is due to take place in Monaco on July 1 and 2. ‘I am very happy about the wedding; Monaco is a beautiful country and I love everything about it,’ she said.

‘Some of the interests that the prince and I share are sports, environmental and humanitarian causes.’  With Monaco being her new home, she confessed that there is a lot that she misses about Benoni.  ‘I miss my relatives, the friendly people and the Bunny Park,’ she said.  Some of the foods she craves while in Europe are Ouma rusks, Mrs Balls chutney.  She also misses what has become the prince’s favourite, Zambuk ointment, for cold blisters and the lips.

Many young women view her wedding as a fairytale and to this Wittstock said: “‘f any woman can find someone who truly loves her and is lucky enough to marry him, then that is a fairytale to me.’

Wittstock will return to South Africa on July 11, as the Princess of Monaco, with her prince, for the International Olympic Committee meeting.

To read the article in its entirety please click the link:  Benoni City Times

Source and photos courtesy of: Look via Clyde Meela