Royal Debate: Whose Wedding Will Be More Epic?

Yes, that oh-so-important question is heavily debated in the royal watching community these days… it’s almost like watching CNN’s old show, Crossfire.   People bitching and yelling as to whom will be the more stunning bride and other inane issues. Any way, now the magazines are in on the discussion.

Gala Magazine recently featured Miss Catherine Middleton and Miss Charlene Wittstock on their cover; inside there is commentary as to whom will have a more memorable as well as beautiful wedding.  It seems that the writer has already made up his/her mind:  Miss Catherine Middleton will dominate when it comes to the Battle of the Royal Weddings (actually, Monaco is a Principality so the wedding will be Princely not Royal.)

In the December issue of Elle France, there is also an editorial dedicated to Charlene and Catherine.  The whole side-by-side comparison is seriously lame, but hey this type of debate sells magazines, and again… whatever.

I don’t know.  The discussion as to whom will be the more memorable bride and/or which wedding will be more beautiful is rather silly, in my opinion.  I’m just hoping someone will screw up — hence tripping down the aisle, or forgetting their soon-to-be husbands name, or crying like a baby.  You get the picture.  LOL.

Frankly, neither women are that extraordinary.  No, I don’t mean aesthetically; rather both women wasted their lives following their boyfriends all over hell and gone in the hopes of a marriage proposal.  And they got it.

Neither Charlene or Catherine made the most of their education (or lack thereof in Charlene’s case) or lives as strong independent women.  Frankly, I find that quite sad.  It’s incredibly unfortunate that neither Charlene nor Catherine had a career and/or worked hard prior to their soon-to-be structured lives as Princesses.  It’s too bad they didn’t follow in the intelligent footsteps of say Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands or Crown Princess Masako of Japan, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, or even Princess Letizia of Asturias.  Instead, in my opinion, Catherine and Charlene were weak women… at the beck and call of their then boyfriends now fiances.


Okay, enough of my rant.  Sorry.

Right.  So there you have it:  Two major upcoming weddings.  One Royal.  One Princely.  Both will be memorable as well as beautiful in their own unique way.


Photo scans courtesy of Bystander from Royal  Yes, she gave me permission to use these four scans in my post… so there.   🙂

British Royals Monaco Princely Family

Monaco Princely Wedding Dates and Information

Well, the dates for the Princely wedding is now firmly set so mark your calendars.  Per the Palais Princier du Monaco:

The civil marriage will take place on Friday 1st July at 17h in the Throne Room at the Palace. It will be celebrated by Mr Philippe Narmino, Director of Judicial Services and Chairman of the State Council.
Mr. Philippe Narmino is indeed the registrar of the Sovereign Family.

The religious wedding will take place Saturday, July 2, in the courtyard of the Palace, at 17h. Monsignor Barsi celebrate mass.

The doors of the palace will remain open to allow about 4,000 people to attend, sitting at the ceremony broadcast on giant screens.

These two days, Friday and Saturday will be holidays.

This should be a lovely day, if the weather holds up, and I must say that I am disappointed that the religious service will not take place at the beautiful Cathedral in Monaco.  Oh well.

It is unknown at this time how many members from reigning royal houses will attend the Monaco Princely wedding; however, it is safe to assume that members of several non-reigning houses will be present including The Duke and Duchess of Castro (they are close friends with the Sovereign Prince and currently live in Monaco.)

Information courtesy of the Palais Princier du Monaco at

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Monaco Princely Family

Miss Catherine Middleton’s Wedding Gown Details

On December 17, 2010, a writer from the Huffington Post announced that she knows who will design Miss Catherine Middleton’s wedding gown.

Of course, the writer refused to give intimate details; however, she did give us a hint as to whom the designer may be.  She notes:

Catherine has gone for a young, ‘little-known’, British designer. When the name is officially announced, it will come as a surprise to many, and catapult the designer to worldwide fame. For clues on the identity, I suggest looking at those who have made dresses for Catherine, her sister Pippa, and her mother Carole.

To ensure the tightest security, and to prevent leaks over the actual design, Catherine’s dress is already being made inside the palace.

How the writer uncovered such valuable information is incomprehensible to many royal watchers, and I should say that many in the community are doubting her claims. However, I actually believe that she does know who the designer is and what the sketches of the dress looks like.

Why?  Why do I believe her?

Well, during her time on a known message board the writer was sent to Sweden, by the Huffington Post, to cover HRH Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding.  Members of the known message board were privy to detailed behind the scenes information about the wedding that were reported by other journalists days later (did that make any sense?)

So yeah… I believe her.   Sure, many thought she was a pain-in-the-ass on the known message board (not me, though.  We got along quite well), but the writer gave us amazing inside information about the Swedish royal wedding and the guests who attended.

Well done Huffington Post writer   🙂

To read the story in all it’s glory please visit

Photo courtesy of by UK Press.




British Royals

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindell Engaged: Another Wedding

In case you are wondering, “Who is Zara Phillips and Mike Tindell?”  Well, here is your answer.  Miss Zara Phillips is the daughter of HRH Princess Anne, The Princess Royal… the daughter of HM Queen Elizabeth II.  In other words, Zara is the first grand-daughter to HM The Queen.

Mike Tindell is a professional rugby player and the couple have dated for quite sometime.  It is no surprise they are engaged.

The wedding date has not been set, but royal watchers can expect a small wedding compared to that of Zara’s cousin, HRH Prince William of Wales.  Mr. Tindell proposed to Miss Phillips at the couple’s home in Gloucestershire, England on Monday.

The official announcement per the official website for the British royal family:

The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Zara Phillips to Mr Mike Tindall.


For more information please visit the official website for the British royal family at:

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British Royals

HRH Princess Letizia of Asturias at Zarzuela Palace

This afternoon, December 20, 2010, HRH Princess Letizia of Asturias received several members from the Spanish Association Against Cancer at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain.

Princess Letizia if the Honorary President of this organization, and one in which she seems to be quite proud of.

Princess Letizia took several photos for the occasion and as you can see, everyone was in good spirits

Photos courtesy of by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Spanish Royals

British Royal Wedding Official Items Now Available

Officially approved by HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton you can now purchase items from The Royal Collection to commemorate the upcoming British Royal wedding.

So far, the items available for purchase are: Wedding Plates, Tankards, and Pillboxes.  Tacky tea towels with their faces on it are not available.

I don’t know… the China set looks, well, cheap.  But hey, if you are into purchasing these types of stuff with Prince William and Catherine’s logo on it… knock yourself out.

To view the items please visit the official Royal Collection site at

British Royals

An Interview with Miss Charlene Wittstock: The Future Princess of Monaco from the Documentary, ‘Prince Albert II de Monaco: L’Autre Prince’

Several months ago France 2 journalist, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, interviewed HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his fiancée, Miss Charlene Wittstock, at the Palais Princier de Monaco.  In the documentary entitled,  Prince Albert II de Monaco: L’Autre Prince, Prince Albert II discusses his life as well as in detail his first five years as the sovereign Prince of Monaco.

In part seven of the series, Miss Charlene Wittstock appears alongside Prince Albert II.  The interview is quite interesting for those who want to know more about the couple. Click the links below to watch, Albert II de Monaco: L’Autre Prince.

Monaco Princely Family Royal documentaries

HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton Attend a Christmas Gala Together.

On December 18, 2010, HRH Prince William and his fiancee, Catherine Middleton stepped out together for the second time since the announcement of their engagement.

The couple were in Thursford, England to attend the Thursford Christmas Spectacular Gala.  The event was a fundraiser for young people with Cancer.  During the gala singers and dancers performed to the delight of the future King and Queen of England.

Miss Middleton wore a black and white dress with her trademark blazer.  Prince William wore a navy suit and red tie.  The couple seemed to be happy; however it is evident that Miss Middleton was overwhelmed with the attention.  Better get used to it, toots.  It will only get worse.

Video from this evening’s Christmas Gala:

Source and photos courtesy of by AP Photo/Matt Dunham and REUTERS/Stringer. Video courtesy of Associated Press via You Tube.

British Royals

HRH Crown Princess Máxima and the G20 SME Finance Challenge

This past Wednesday, HRH Crown Princess Máxima of the Netherlands attended the G20 SME Finance Challenge in Eikenhorst, Netherlands.

The purpose of the event was to honor the winners of the G20 SME Finance Challenge.  There were three winners who received an award “…for their innovative plans for SMEs in developing countries.”  Awesome.

Meanwhile, le sigh, Crown Princess Máxima (Messy-ma) continues to amaze everyone on planet Earth with her hideous fashion choices and unwashed hair.  I pray that Santa Claus will give her a lifetime supply of Frederic Fekkai shampoo and conditioner and while Mr. Claus is at it… may he steal her orange blush so Máxima will never abuse that unfortunate product again.


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Dutch Royal Family

TRH Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Asturias At the Real Academia de la Lenga

This afternoon TRH Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Asturias were at the Academia de la Lengua in Madrid, Spain.  The couple were apart of the presentation of “… the new spelling of Spanish Language…”

According to the Spanish channel,

One of the novelties of the new spelling is that Prince is written in lowercase p. All titles, positions or employment of any rank are common, and therefore should be initial lower case. Examples include king and pope.

Here is a video clip, in Spanish, with some explanations.

Photos courtesy of by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images and

Spanish Royals

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Stephanie Handed out Gifts to Monégasques

If there is one thing people would say about the Princely family of Monaco… they are a generous bunch.

This afternoon in Monaco HSH Prince Albert and his sister, Princess Stephanie continued their annual tradition by handing out gifts to the citizens of Monaco.  This  time the recipients were the elderly Monégasques within the tiny Principality.

The gifts were distributed at the Red Cross Center in the heart of Monaco as well as at the Foyer Sainte Devote school.

Later on, HSH Prince Albert visited the Princess Grace Hospital to handout more presents to the patients.

Talk about lucky.  Now, I want to move to Monaco, and receive cool free gifts from the Princely family!  🙂


Photos courtesy of by Christian Alminana/Getty Images

Monaco Princely Family

The Royal Family of Belgium: A Christmas Concert and Reception

On December 15, 2010, the Belgium royal family held a traditional Christmas concert as well as a reception at the royal palace in Brussels.  Family members include: Their Majesties King Albert II, Queen Paola, Crown Prince Philippe, Crown Princess Mathilde, Princess Claire and her husband Prince Laurent, Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorentz, and finally Queen Fabiola.

Guests were treated to a lovely reception in the palace where they ate delicious Belgium hors d’oeuvres and a variety of drinks.

Here is a short video of the gala concert courtesy of


Photo courtesy of by Mark Renders/Getty Images Europe

Belgian Royals

HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg Attends a Film Festival!

HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, the last single heir to a throne in Europe, attended a film festival looking oh-so-dashing, and the best part of all:  Not one Dandruff flake on his Armani suit!   🙂

To watch a short clip of the Prince from the film festival please click the link below:

On a serious note, like his mother, The Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, I like Prince Gui.  He seems like a nice guy and from what I understand he is highly intelligent, compassionate, and of course… single (though he isn’t exactly my type.)

Perhaps in a future posting I will write up a short bio about this last heir to a throne in Europe named Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg.

Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg