Monaco Princely Wedding Dates and Information

Well, the dates for the Princely wedding is now firmly set so mark your calendars.  Per the Palais Princier du Monaco:

The civil marriage will take place on Friday 1st July at 17h in the Throne Room at the Palace. It will be celebrated by Mr Philippe Narmino, Director of Judicial Services and Chairman of the State Council.
Mr. Philippe Narmino is indeed the registrar of the Sovereign Family.

The religious wedding will take place Saturday, July 2, in the courtyard of the Palace, at 17h. Monsignor Barsi celebrate mass.

The doors of the palace will remain open to allow about 4,000 people to attend, sitting at the ceremony broadcast on giant screens.

These two days, Friday and Saturday will be holidays.

This should be a lovely day, if the weather holds up, and I must say that I am disappointed that the religious service will not take place at the beautiful Cathedral in Monaco.  Oh well.

It is unknown at this time how many members from reigning royal houses will attend the Monaco Princely wedding; however, it is safe to assume that members of several non-reigning houses will be present including The Duke and Duchess of Castro (they are close friends with the Sovereign Prince and currently live in Monaco.)

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