HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Stephanie Handed out Gifts to Monégasques

If there is one thing people would say about the Princely family of Monaco… they are a generous bunch.

This afternoon in Monaco HSH Prince Albert and his sister, Princess Stephanie continued their annual tradition by handing out gifts to the citizens of Monaco.  This  time the recipients were the elderly Monégasques within the tiny Principality.

The gifts were distributed at the Red Cross Center in the heart of Monaco as well as at the Foyer Sainte Devote school.

Later on, HSH Prince Albert visited the Princess Grace Hospital to handout more presents to the patients.

Talk about lucky.  Now, I want to move to Monaco, and receive cool free gifts from the Princely family!  🙂


Photos courtesy of Daylife.com by Christian Alminana/Getty Images

The Royal Family of Belgium: A Christmas Concert and Reception

On December 15, 2010, the Belgium royal family held a traditional Christmas concert as well as a reception at the royal palace in Brussels.  Family members include: Their Majesties King Albert II, Queen Paola, Crown Prince Philippe, Crown Princess Mathilde, Princess Claire and her husband Prince Laurent, Princess Astrid and her husband Prince Lorentz, and finally Queen Fabiola.

Guests were treated to a lovely reception in the palace where they ate delicious Belgium hors d’oeuvres and a variety of drinks.

Here is a short video of the gala concert courtesy of Rtlinfo.be



Photo courtesy of Zimbio.com by Mark Renders/Getty Images Europe

HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg Attends a Film Festival!

HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, the last single heir to a throne in Europe, attended a film festival looking oh-so-dashing, and the best part of all:  Not one Dandruff flake on his Armani suit!   🙂

To watch a short clip of the Prince from the film festival please click the link below:


On a serious note, like his mother, The Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, I like Prince Gui.  He seems like a nice guy and from what I understand he is highly intelligent, compassionate, and of course… single (though he isn’t exactly my type.)

Perhaps in a future posting I will write up a short bio about this last heir to a throne in Europe named Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg.