Royal Debate: Whose Wedding Will Be More Epic?

Yes, that oh-so-important question is heavily debated in the royal watching community these days… it’s almost like watching CNN’s old show, Crossfire.   People bitching and yelling as to whom will be the more stunning bride and other inane issues. Any way, now the magazines are in on the discussion.

Gala Magazine recently featured Miss Catherine Middleton and Miss Charlene Wittstock on their cover; inside there is commentary as to whom will have a more memorable as well as beautiful wedding.  It seems that the writer has already made up his/her mind:  Miss Catherine Middleton will dominate when it comes to the Battle of the Royal Weddings (actually, Monaco is a Principality so the wedding will be Princely not Royal.)

In the December issue of Elle France, there is also an editorial dedicated to Charlene and Catherine.  The whole side-by-side comparison is seriously lame, but hey this type of debate sells magazines, and again… whatever.

I don’t know.  The discussion as to whom will be the more memorable bride and/or which wedding will be more beautiful is rather silly, in my opinion.  I’m just hoping someone will screw up — hence tripping down the aisle, or forgetting their soon-to-be husbands name, or crying like a baby.  You get the picture.  LOL.

Frankly, neither women are that extraordinary.  No, I don’t mean aesthetically; rather both women wasted their lives following their boyfriends all over hell and gone in the hopes of a marriage proposal.  And they got it.

Neither Charlene or Catherine made the most of their education (or lack thereof in Charlene’s case) or lives as strong independent women.  Frankly, I find that quite sad.  It’s incredibly unfortunate that neither Charlene nor Catherine had a career and/or worked hard prior to their soon-to-be structured lives as Princesses.  It’s too bad they didn’t follow in the intelligent footsteps of say Crown Princess Maxima of the Netherlands or Crown Princess Masako of Japan, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, or even Princess Letizia of Asturias.  Instead, in my opinion, Catherine and Charlene were weak women… at the beck and call of their then boyfriends now fiances.


Okay, enough of my rant.  Sorry.

Right.  So there you have it:  Two major upcoming weddings.  One Royal.  One Princely.  Both will be memorable as well as beautiful in their own unique way.


Photo scans courtesy of Bystander from Royal  Yes, she gave me permission to use these four scans in my post… so there.   🙂

One thought on “Royal Debate: Whose Wedding Will Be More Epic?”

  1. Charlene Wittstock will not feet in Grace’s shoes or dress. She is big and athletic women. Grace was born to be a princess in any ways you look at her. Charlene was enhanced to feet that status. It didn’t come naturally for her. She is trying so hard to look like Grace. However, even her nose job does not make her look like gracious Grace Kelly. Charlene nose was not that bad. The little curve (or bump) of her original nose didn’t make her ugly. She was still stunning in her own way. She, in my opinion , should keep her style hip and chick. Some of her matrimonial outfits make her look older. Her rocking roll outfit( with Albert at The Rocking Roll celebration in Monaco) suits her perfectly.I adore it. Noticeably, that her long-sleeves attires and her hair down softness her silhouette, but she still looks hip and stylish. She should be a fresh air for Monaco with her own unique look and style and not the reminiscence of the past.Although, I have to admit that Charlene has only one striking similarity with Grace, her thing blond hair. So, lastly, I think Kate is more interesting to watch. She doesn’t try to imitate anybody. She is what she is and her wedding will be more exciting to watch.

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