HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco to be Honored With a Prestigious Conservation Award in Sweden.

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco will receive a prestigious conservation award from The Perfect World Foundation during the 2022 Arctic Ocean Gala held at the Gothenburg Stock Exchange in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 5. Previous recipients of the conservation award include Sir David Attenborough, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Wangari Maathai, the late Dr. Dian Fossey, and Miss Greta Thunberg to name a few.

The sovereign prince will become the ninth recipient of the honorary conservation award. The award is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the global awareness of the importance of protecting wildlife, nature, and the environment. Prince Albert II is also being honored for his life-long commitment, dedication, and work in ocean conservation. Moreover, his personal foundation, Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco (FPA), is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development such as limiting the effects of climate change and promoting renewable energies, preserving biodiversity, managing water resources, and combating desertification.

Prior to the gala and award ceremony, Prince Albert II will inaugurate The Perfect World Foundation’s latest project, Project Ocean, which aims to spread knowledge about, the location, salvage, and recycling of ghost nets and other lost fishing equipment in our oceans. 

Thereafter, the sovereign prince will plant a tree in the Attenborough Forest at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. The purpose of the planting of the tree is to draw attention to The Perfect World Foundation’s work in promoting biodiversity.

In the evening, Prince Albert II will be honored at the glamorous Arctic Ocean Gala dinner where he is expected to give a five-minute speech.