HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway Opens the I/O Exhibit at the Norsk Teknisk Museum.

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 7, 2022, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway officially opened the new exhibit entitled, I/O, at the Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo.

I/O is an AI-driven exhibition about data and telecommunications history. According to a press release from the Norsk Teknisk Museum the:

“…I/O experience starts with the AI ​​system receiving input from the visitors, such as age, interests, etc. and then recommending a trail through the exhibition based on this data. Through the trail you will collect various objects and stories. The last stop is Reactor and dialogue based on the experience in the exhibition. The visitors can participate themselves and also see debate between artificial intelligences. As much as an exhibition, I/O becomes a dynamic arena for discussing and developing insights – about the past, present and future of information technology.

The title, I/O, plays on input/output or a/null. This, and several opposing pairs, such as human /machine, connected/disconnected, freedom/coercion, individual/society, actualize technological challenges. The discussions are the essentials, rather than the final truths about the technologies.

Artificial intelligence and co-creation:
A keyword is active participation. Based on data, I/O will introduce questions and discussions. The ambition is to facilitate the experience of connections between individual objects and themes in the exhibition in light of relevant societal issues. AI can, for example, automate tedious routine tasks, but is also responsible for security challenges in privacy and energy consumption.

Every day, an AI-powered 2×2 meter work of art will take on a different shape based on AI’s interpretation of data from the exhibition experience. Such works of art in small formats are also included in the activity offer. More art will come later.

I/O, an arena for dialogue and joint knowledge development:

With I/O, the Technical Museum renews the entire top floor of the museum. It will be an arena for reflection, knowledge development, and dialogue on important topics in computer and telecommunications history up to now – which will also point forward.

Through I/O and associated activities, we aim to build a bridge between generations, professional environments and most people. It should be a meeting place for everyone, regardless of age and knowledge. I/O must develop over time. With different trails, and the discussions and art will always be different, the exhibition will be experienced in new ways with each visit, says museum director Meinich enthusiastically.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the I/O exhibition as well as other exhibits at the Norsk Teknisk Museum please visit their official website here.

Photos courtesy of the Norsk Teknisk Museum