(VIDEOS) HM Queen Rania of Jordan Attends an Award Ceremony in Amman.

On Monday, December 14, 2015, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan attended the 10th Teacher Award and the 4th Principal Award ceremony held at the Royal Cultural Center-Al Hussein Youth City in Amman, Jordan.  The ceremony was organized by the Association of Queen Rania Al Abdullah Award for Excellence in Education.

During this afternoon’s ceremony Her Majesty “…honored 25 winners, bestowing prizes and plaques to 15 teachers who won in five different categories, as well as 10 principals who won the distinguished principal awards in two categories…” according to Her Majesty ‘s press office.

 The press release also notes that Her Majesty Queen Rania gave a moving speech highlighting:

“…the importance of recognizing teachers’ roles in building a more resilient and tolerant future generation. ‘Ten years ago, I launched the Teachers’ Award to start a tradition of recognizing outstanding educators whose skills reflect deeply on our success as a nation…’ Her Majesty said.

Queen Rania then continued, ‘I launched it for another reason, which few of you may not know… as it troubled me back then to learn that teachers felt unappreciated in our nation’s journey. And that is when I said: the era of teachers is back; believing in their role, I hoped they would reclaim their status and, once again, become a point of reference for all.’

‘Respecting teachers is a public social responsibility that is rooted first within homes, and then in classrooms, where capable teachers can earn students’ respect with their knowledge and experience…’ Queen Rania said. ‘Students must realize the importance of education before going to school; they must realize that that between their present and a promising future lies a school, an education, and a teacher…’ she added.

Referring to the pivotal role that a teacher plays in the face of turbulent times, she said, ‘we need our teachers more than ever… Our future depends on the next generation, their education, and the values they instill in them.’

‘Our young generation is being exposed to harmful new ideologies that neither our generation, nor previous ones, was familiar with —until today…’ she asserted.

Queen Rania went on to explain how discrimination is like a disease that takes advantage of vulnerable communities and spreads fear, adding that ‘…minds haunted by fear have no room for dreams. What future is one without dreams, hopes, and ambitions?’

Recalling the need to prepare youth to face alien ideologies, Queen Rania said, ‘We have to empower and raise them on the values of diversity and dialogue that Jordanians have passed on through the generations.’

‘We should teach them that they are part of a global community, one with more similarities than differences. Let’s teach children values that help them thrive, not ones that isolate and instill fear of the other…’ Her Majesty added.

Queen Rania concluded the speech by reaffirming that teachers are the country’s best chance at preparing a generation that will secure a better future for Jordan, congratulating educators for their commitment to this end.'”