HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Participates in 2013 Rio Carnival Parade. (VIDEOS)

alOn the evening of Sunday, February 10, 2013, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco participated in the first night of the 2013 Rio Carnival Escola de Samba Parade (school parade) held at the famed Sambódromo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The sovereign prince danced down Sambódromo alongside the members of the Portela Samba School, beautiful dancers in elaborate costumes, giant floats, and musicians playing their Agogôs bells, Repiniques, Pandeiros, Surdo and Tamborim drums with much delight.  In case you were wondering why the sovereign prince was dancing in the parade, well, he was the Portela Samba School’s special guest.  Basically, he was asked to join in.   🙂

For more information about Rio Carnival, the Samba schools, and more please click here.



Portela School performing during the 2013 Rio Carnival at the Sambódromo.

Portela Samba School rehearsing for two days before the parade.