New Photos Released of Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde of Belgium on the Occasion of Her 40th Birthday.

491px-Greater_Coat_of_Arms_of_Belgium.svgOn Monday, January 14, 2013, the Belgian royal court released five new photos of Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde of Belgium on the occasion of her 40th birthday.

The beautiful images were recently shot by Belgian photographer, Mr. Michel Gronemberger.  On his website Mr. Gronemberger notes that he did not use Photoshop that gave the princess a flawless look; instead he used a special lighting technique which he explains is “… very difficult to master.”  Mr. Gronemberger also noted that he wanted to photograph the princess in a very “…classic, feminine style and unadorned… [I wanted] to show the elegance of a woman, who, in addition, is the Princess of Belgium… ”  

To learn more about Michel Groneberger’s work please visit his official website here.