His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain Delivers His Traditional Christmas Speech. (VIDEO)


“Good Evening,

On this Christmas Eve, as every year, I want to reflect with you on what we are concerned and also on our hopes.

Specifically, I would like to address three issues: the economic crisis, the strength of Spain as European and Latin American nation and the need to vindicate the policy as a necessary instrument to unite all forces and rush out of the crisis and the challenges ahead.

Do not think I exaggerate when I say that we live one of the most difficult moments in the recent history of Spain.

The severe economic crisis we are going through in recent years has reached an intensity, amplitude and persistence over time than anyone imagined. Citizens suffer today its rigor, which are challenging the welfare of not a few families. I think many people of all ages, but especially in many young people, who get up every day with feelings of insecurity and despair at the plight of their economies, the lack of jobs and the uncertain prospects.

We can not ignore that there is pessimism, and that its effects are felt in the quality of the social climate we live. It is also generating a detachment from institutions and towards the political role that concerns us all.

Against this pessimism, as against conformism, it find new ways and means to do some things that demand an update.

The current reality is complex and not always easy to understand or solve in the short term. Austerity and growth must be compatible. The resignations of today have to ensure the welfare of tomorrow, within a reasonable period of time so as to ensure the protection of social rights that are a hallmark of our society developed.

For our economy growing again we must bring order to our accounts and, in turn, generate incentives for wealth creation. There stimuli that are created by economic policies or fiscal policies or promoting innovation or entrepreneurship, but the first stimulus to get us out of this crisis is called trust.

During the thirty-seven years of my reign have been through several economic times really complicated that we remember well some years. Perhaps they were not as difficult as this but in any case were very complicated. And yet we knew leave them successfully and make our economy grow and improve our welfare. And we did it for many reasons but primarily because we had confidence in a project shared by all and in our ability to succeed.

Today as then, we can overcome the current difficulties with the generosity, talent and creativity of our men and women and the strength of our production system if we have confidence in ourselves and if we can also generate instances and in international markets.

Spain is part of the solution to the global crisis and should be starring in decision-making in major international forums. Latin America is a key part of us, as we are of her. The same applies to Europe. With the European Union we must continue working to overcome purely national visions and strengthen the foundation of solidarity with which we all progress in the integration process. We ensure that nothing got together, or individual rights and social, economic and welfare, or the process of economic and political integration may be threatened.

But all is not economy. However obvious it is not bad to repeat: not everything is economics. I am aware that politics today live their best times in the perception of the citizens. For this reason I want this night to claim the policy because their role is critical in ending the crisis.

I claim the largest political, to emphasize that they value their dignity and we call politics capitalized.

Which, from the government or from the opposition, pays attention to the general interest and welfare of citizens.

That, far from causing confrontation and on respect for diversity, integrating ordinary to join forces, not to divide.

The one who knows waive a portion of his own to win something bigger and better for everyone.

The seeking understanding and agreement to channel and resolve the major fundamental and collective challenges.

Which is built on the spirit of service and accommodates the principles of personal and social ethics.

Which, in short, is able to sacrifice short-term satisfaction, often ephemeral, to widen the horizon of their ambitions.

That was the biggest political inaugurate, a brilliant new integrative stage in our recent history and is the only one that has the ability to bolster confidence in our great nation, opening new doors to hope and realize that desire to excel that is claiming our society.

To achieve this, it is necessary to promote values such as mutual respect and reciprocal loyalty. These are values that more than three decades ago helped put in place a new framework for coexistence and the recognition of our plurality and under different languages, cultures and institutions of Spain. It’s time we all look forward and do everything possible to close the wounds. Will again be a success for all, citizens and institutions, based on respect for the law and democratic channels.

The Crown is well aware of the effort and sacrifice that citizens are carrying out with integrity. No effort in life is barren and neither are those who are doing it now. In this context, I want to highlight the selfless and loyal attitude of families and solidarity of many aid organizations that, with your help, both are contributing to social stability. Also, the sacrifice of all Spanish now leaving our country to achieve a better life for themselves and their families. His experience and training on his return form a major leverage effect on our economy.

Christmas symbolizes the triumph of generosity over selfishness. Generosity, solidarity and commitment are values that we all recognize, preserve and promote long these days more than ever.

Merry Christmas to all and good night.”