Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands Delivers Her Traditional Christmas Speech. (VIDEO)

In case you were wondering why Her Majesty’s traditional Christmas speech is on You Tube a day before it will air on Dutch television, well, it seems that someone published the video by accident on the Dutch government (specifically the information service for the Dutch royal house, RVD) website and voilà!

Anyway, according to the Dutch network, NOS, someone was snooping around on the government website, found the video, uploaded it to You Tube, and then proceeded to tell everyone about it on Twitter.

Here is a rough translation of Her Majesty’s speech:

“With Christmas comes God’s light on our world and the darkness has not overcome. In the light of faith, hope and love are brought together and new people to find inspiration. “Let love connect, lets hope do life and let faith force.” That his inspirational words that have a special meaning in my family this year. The sympathy of many is to us great support.

In today’s world is own freedom for many, the highest good. People should be able to develop and shape their existence must itself. But without an individual can not develop less togetherness, solidarity and society falls apart. Now more than ever there is a need for common values as a basis for trust.

In our country were like-mindedness and connectedness traditionally anchored in sociocultural contexts. The pillarisation gave social security. But that time is over and does not return. Yet we see how even today is demanded to renewed confidence.

Trust cannot be imposed; It grows from the community itself. It requires faith in each other’s loyalty and reliability. Confidence over and over again makes the society livable.

Democracy aims conditions to govern on the basis of trust. Our Constitution gives citizens equal rights but asks us to accept as equivalent and respect others. In the rule of law is the basis for a sustainable society. This requires more than arrangements for governance and decision-making. It is mainly for attention for each other’s desires and opinions and focus on the public interest.

In openness and tolerance is an important basis for trust. Through the ages put our society the presence of strength from people with different cultural and philosophical background. Tolerance has made our country strong. The recognition of dignity and equality of every one is an essential element of a peaceful and just society. In winning trust is an ongoing challenge in the reciprocal small and in the large.

Netherlands is always open and connected to the world around us. This has led to more and more mutual dependence and involvement. The insight that our own well-being also depends on life in other countries point the look outwards. Our strength lies not in isolation but in togetherness. That is the background of international cooperation to which our country has committed itself.

The European Community has brought prosperity. But there is more than money alone; above all, Europe offers us peace. Yet it seems or dissatisfaction overshadows everything. In the crisis that afflicts us now is a climate where mistrust prevails. Liberation from those negative setting starts with the realization that Europe is not a foreign power but our own community in this part of the world. Europe, that we are for yourself! In confidence we can continue to build on European cooperation.

Who is faithful to himself lives from own conviction and ideals. But nobody lives for himself alone. We are also responsible for each other’s future, equipped for the good with a conscience that can learn voorvoelen what law and what is bad. The Earth, so says a Psalm, God has given to the people; and the people he gave to each other. The command is to accept others as dependents who are like us, people with right to exist. In humanity lies at the core of life together. Faith, hope and love are the guideline for a world based on trust.

Faith is confidence that our life has a sentence that transcends the everyday. Hope is belief that the outcome will be good even though it is not visible. Love is force that connects us to each other, which gives and forgives and that hate can overcome.

Christmas is a celebration for people of good will. Ever was their “peace on Earth” serenaded. Those words retain their value, through the ages. In that confidence I wish you blessed Christmas.”