H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco in Beausoleil, France. Plus, Other News

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco visited the lovely town of Beausoleil, France where he attended a massive food festival.  The local townspeople gave a round of applause for the sovereign prince of Monaco as he was greeted by the Mayor and General Counsel, Gerard Spinelli. Unfortunately, H.S.H. Princess Charlene was not in attendance to the disappointment of many.  To view photos from the event please click here.

Meanwhile, French journalist and close friend of Prince Albert’s, Stéphane Bern, is still on a princely wedding high.  Recently, Mr. Bern visited the Musée Océanographique where he presented the book, L’histoire du Marriage Princier, to the musée’s curator.

As he walked through the L’histoire du Marriage Princier exhibition at the musée Mr. Bern was treated like a celebrity.  Waving to the crowds (who clapped for him… why I have no idea) as he was walked towards the exhibition’s most popular display, Mr. Bern beamed as he gazed upon the stunning Océan tiara.  Asked what he thought of the piece, Mr. Bern replied, “I love it!  I saw it being set up [at the Musée Océanographique] and it’s amazing how flexible it is…” He went on to comment about H.S.H. Princess Charlene’s wedding dress, which is also on display at the exhibition, “… the set and dress is nicer than at Buckingham palace!”  

Yeah, that’s a bit biased, Steve.

Source and photo courtesy of: Monaco Matin