Charlene Wittstock: The Monaco-Matin Interview

As her wedding day approaches it seems that the future princess of Monaco is becoming more open to the press than ever before.  And, why not?  Many are quite curious about the former Olympic swimmer who is about to marry H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco; for years she rarely — if ever — spoke to the press and no one knew a thing about her.  Well, that has all changed.

Recently, Miss Wittstock spoke to journalist, Gregory Leclerc, from the newspaper, Monaco-Matin, at the Palais Princier de Monaco gardens.  The future princess discussed with Mr. Leclerc about her future role, media pressures, the importance of being herself, South Africa, and of course, sports.

Here is what she had to say:

It’s tea time in the principality of Monaco.  In the gardens of the Palace in Monaco scenery lying in 180 ° mode there is just a light breeze, barely enough to make iridescent clear waters of the turquoise swimming pool nestled in the shelter walls and princely look. Charlene Wittstock appears. Perfect.  The right dress blue pill, tailor unbleached fine mesh, the proud bearing, Hair wisely dropped on her shoulders. This informal meeting with the future princess is what everyone hoped. But not enough to excite the young South African thirty-three years. She seems to have taken stock of the scene, and his role. “Mademoiselle”, as it she is called in the palace, improvised as hostess: “Would You Like Something to drink?”  Charlene Wittstock speaks in English.  She is not afraid to speak French because it improves steadily, but because she wants to be precise in this interview. With her ​​prince, is also in the language of Shakespeare that interchange, with a few words of French.  A whisper, a slight commotion and just then Prince Albert II, appears in the gardens …

What is your daily life like in Monaco?  Can you describe your day?
I like to run several times a week, across the principality. I’m leaving on the morning of princely palace to go to Cap d’Ail.  I love being outside, enjoying the outdoors. I love hiking in the backcountry but also relax in the ownership of Roc Agel [referring to the house of Grimaldi, located on the steep slopes of La Turbie, appreciate both the Princess Grace]. I can not give you the exact places that I frequent, otherwise the risk of being followed at all times (smile). I will also swim in the sea to Cap d’Ail, or play a round of golf at Mont Agel.

Your wedding will celebrated on July 1 and 2, in just a little over a month.  How do you cope with media pressure?
It goes well. I try to focus on the positive things at the moment. Finally, all this is a natural consequence. First there is the wedding preparations, then comes marriage and after marriage.

And you, my lord (Prince Albert)?
Like Charlene, I saw all this calmly. Everyone thinks that marriage is a competition, but this is not a competition! It is true that while accelerating, but we do business as usual we hear. There are lots of details, logistics, but it happens in peace, there is no reason to be nervous. (He turns to his future bride) “Are not you nervous telling me? “(as he smiles). I want our marriage to be accessible to all. This is obviously a happy event, but beyond that, we hope it gives the image of a principality that is welcoming and open to the world.

Miss Wittstock, do you feel you have changed the look of others on you?
The real risk would be not to be oneself, to want to put on the shoes of someone else.

What image did you have before you came to Monaco, that of Prince Albert II, and how did you feel about your arrival in the principality? 
Monaco for me, it was glamorous, Princess Grace, Princess Caroline and Stephanie. The people of this country are very friendly, very attentive, they welcomed me warmly. Today I want to focus on this country, Monaco. I do not forget, of course, my youth in South Africa, but now I have my personal priorities.

Do you intend to share South Africa in Monaco?
Instead, Monaco is that I want to know in South Africa.

Your wedding will be an opportunity nonetheless to share your roots to your guests?
That’s true. Two groups will come from South Africa. It will include Jason Hartman. He sings in Zulu, his family is with him. It was revealed by the television show “Idol” in 2009. It will constitute the first part of the Eagles concert on June 30 and the ball of marriage. Those who want to know can hear a free concert on the Hercules Port, next Friday during the F1 Grand Prix (1). I obviously retains strong ties with my country. My friends come to see me regularly at competitions swimming or other athletics. When I am there, I have great pleasure to share a barbecue with them and watching a rugby match.

Source: Monaco-Matin Photo courtesy of E. Mathon/Palais Princier

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