H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias Holds an Audience at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid

On May 18, 2011, H.R.H. Princess Letizia of Asturias met with members of the Association for the Treatment of People with Cerebral Palsy (ASTRAPACE) at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid, Spain.

According to the official website for the royal house of Spain, Casa de us Majestad el Rey, the mission statement/purpose of ASTRAPACE is to:

… improve the quality of life of people with cerebral palsy and related disorders and their families. Murcia was founded in 1980 to assist people affected by social assistance purposes, therapeutic, educational and labor, in all stages of life, from birth to adulthood.

Over 600 families receive the support of ASTRAPACE, created to promote the full development of their individual capacities, and promoting social actions and services and contributing from its ethical commitment, support and opportunities to each person with intellectual disabilities to develop their Quality of Life project, and promote their inclusion as full citizens in a fair and caring society.

To learn more about ASTRAPACE please click the link here. 

Source and photo courtesy of: Casareal.es

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco to Visit Leeds, U.K.

According to the British newspaper, Yorkshire Evening Post, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock will visit Leeds this coming September 4, 2011.

The purpose of his visit is to attend a charity ball at Harewood House; furthermore, this vent will be the new princely couple’s first public engagement according to the newspaper and, “…as husband and wife it comes nearly 40 years after the Prince’s parents, Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, attended the charity’s ball at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.” 

To read the article in its entirety please click the link here. 

Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

Photo courtesy of: Daylife by Chris Jackson/GettyImagesEurope

Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands at Duninpark

This afternoon in Den Helder, Netherlands, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix officially opened the residential Duinpark (Dune Park).

According to the site, Kuiper.nl, the purpose of the Duinpark is a place were neighbors could meet, have fun, and do neighborly stuff together.  Here is some more information about the park:

The design and layout of Duinpark (DunePark) is that of a public, undulating, dune landscape with residential and recreational space. The terrain has been given remarkable differences in height and therefore diverse perspectives and views. To maintain this quality, the choice was made for an open, built-up structure spreading the residences out over the dune landscape. The use of roofs covered in vegetation extends the dune landscape even further over the homes themselves.

The private and the collective domain have grown as one unit. To realise this unity, private spaces and transitional elements, like garden walls and entrances, and colour choices for the façades, fully reflect the surrounding, dune landscape. Gabions form a natural transition from private terraces and anchor the residences in the sand of the dunes.

Existing trees have been preserved as far as possible and fitted into the new dune landscape. Based on the used soil types and varying micro-climatological characteristics of the undulating landscape, Duinpark is subdivided into five, different, landscape-based atmospheres reflecting the inland-dune landscape around Den Helder: the dune creek, dune shore, dunes, dune valley and the dune courtyard. (Kuiper.nl)

To view photos of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix at the opening of the Duinpark please click the link here.  

Source: Kuiper.nl and PPE  Photo courtesy of: Koninklijkhuis.nl

H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands at Velsen Library in IJmuiden

On May 18, 2011, H.R.H. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was at the Velsen Library in IJmuiden, Netherlands to participate in the Wiser with Money Parade.  The purpose of her visit is to encourage and educate those on how to deal with their personal finances effectively.

According to Belga:

The Wiser with Money Parade is a traveling exhibition about handling money that visits libraries across the land. During the exhibition, ‘ Moneyvents’ (events and workshops) are organised that educate people about their personal finances in an accessible and interactive way.

As the princess made her way into the Velsen library she was greeted by many well-wishers.  Once inside she spoke with the library patrons, organizers of the event, and the many people who came to the library to learn more about money management and the traveling exhibit.

To view photos from the event please click the links herehere,  and here.  To watch a video please click the link here.

Sources:  Haarlemsdagblad.nl and Belga.be  Photo courtesy of: Koninklijkhuis.nl