The Invitations to the Upcoming Wedding Between H.I.&R.H. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenberg Have Been Sent Out

Well, ladies and gentleman invitations to the royal wedding between H.I.&R.H.Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and his fiancée, H.S.H. Princess Sophie von Isenberg, were recently sent out according to Bild magazine.

The article notes that 1500 people have been invited, ” [they] were sent to German and international nobility, “ according to Michael Blankart, a representative for Even though Mr. Blankart announced that nobles were invited I sincerely hope that several European royals were also invited (which I am sure they were.)

The couple will marry in Potsdam, Germany at the Friedenskirche on August 27, 2011.

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