Royalty and Films

A New Documentary About the Death of Diana, Princess of Wales Annoys Everyone at the Cannes Film Festival

If you haven’t heard by now there is a new documentary film entitled, Unlawful Killing, by some British actor dude named, Keith Allen (who is apparently the father of uber-annoying singer, Lily Allen.)  The documentary “…focuses partly on the 2007/8 inquest into Diana’s death and [Mr. Allen] argues the British press failed to properly reflect … Continue reading

Spanish Royals

T.R.H.s Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Asturias Attend a Mass for the Victims of Wednesday’s Deadly Earthquake in Lorca, Spain

 On Wednesday May 11, 2011, two devastating earthquakes — one measuring a 4.4, the other a 5.1 on the Richter scale —  struck Lorca, Spain just 3 hours south of Valencia. These devastating quakes left nine dead, hundreds injured, and many buildings as well as homes in shambles.  This afternoon, there was a funeral Mass … Continue reading