A Regal Royal Wedding in Vegas…Cancelled! Oh Quel Dommage.

Sooo, remember when I reported about the upcoming regal royal wedding between Carl Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern and his beloved bikini model fiancée, Maya Sonja, that was to take place in respectful Las Vegas, Nevada at the elegant Little White Chapel?


Well, it never happened.

According to the German magazine, Bunte, the dashing couple had to cancel their nuptials because the faux Prince Frederic von Anhalt couldn’t make it.  You see, his lovely wife, Zsa Zsa Gabor, is seriously ill.  Unfortunately, she was recently admitted to Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA for Pneumonia.  Ms. Gabor is in intensive care.  However, the faux prince had time to speak to the press about two things.  First, his wife’s failing health whereupon he noted to a Bunte journalist:

She [Zsa Zsa] had suddenly become short of breath. This has happened twice already, but this time it was really very serious. I called the emergency doctor at noon, who immediately referred to the hospital and now she is on a respirator.

Regarding the wedding between the German prince and the rich American bikini model, the faux prince said, “We have to wait.”  

Good idea, Einstein.  

His second announcement… wait for it… “I have a new reality show!”  Yup, that’s right folks.  The faux prince is about to film a new reality show about what it is like to be a “royal” living in Los Angeles, CA; the program will also feature — get this — Carl Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern and his fiancée, Maya Sonja.  Blabbing to TMZ about the new show, the faux Prince Frederic von Anhalt said, “Once Carl gets hitched, he and his new wife will move in with myself and Zsa Zsa Gabor where they will have their own floor in Zsa Zsa’s mansion…”  According to the British newspaper, Express, the faux prince is praying that his new show will pay for his lifestyle and his seriously ill wife’s medical bills.

Stay classy, Fred.

Source:  TMZ and Bunte.de  Photo courtesy of: The Internet.

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  1. When you see his photo, no wonder they were going to marry in Vegas! With people like this no wonder many are losing (or have lost) their respect for the few monarchies that are left… Good article, keep us updated if the wedding ever materialises! 😛

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