Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s First Great-Grandchild Was Christened This Past Saturday

According to the Daily Express newspaper, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s first great-grandchild was christened on “…Saturday [April 23, 2011] at the Holy Cross Church in Avening, Gloucestershire…”  The baby’s name, Savannah Phillips, is the first child for Peter and Autumn Phillips and the baby is the first grandchild of The Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

To read more about the christening please click the link here.   To view photos of Peter, Autumn and Savannah Phillips as well as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Duke of Edinburgh please click the link Christening photos

Source:  Express.co.uk  Photo courtesy of:  Hello Magazine

One thought on “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s First Great-Grandchild Was Christened This Past Saturday”

  1. I am a fan of Her Majesty,and send love and congratulations of the marraige of her grandson William Prince of Wales.also I have in common with her husband Prince Phillip,my grand parents were also from Greece,from the town of Ioannina,and also from Preveza.That is where some of the Matsil’s are from.the roman army kidnapped some of my ancesters to take them to rome and the boat crashed on the coast of Greece,they were there for 2,000 years,then in the early 20th century came to America.From Greece.My fathers mother is from Trieste,Italy,and went to Ioannina,and there met and fell in love with my grandfather,and then they were married.She only spoke 2 language’s Greek,and Italian.She was a great cook,and my grandmother Rae Nachman,was also a great cook.I learnded alot from her.may she rest in peace,along with my late brother Robert David.God bless Her Majesty,and her family.:-)

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