Charlene Wittstock’s Family Spent Christmas in Monaco. Plus More Wedding Information Released

The future Princess of Monaco has been all smiles since the announcement of her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Prince Albert of Monaco.   And, this week she is even happier.

According to the German magazine, Bild, Miss Wittstock’s family flew in from South Africa to spend Christmas with their daughter and fiancé in the tiny Principality.  Besides her parents attendance, Miss Wittstock’s two brothers, Gareth (who actually moved to Monaco sometime ago) and Sean, were there to celebrated the holidays with their sister.  How long the Wittstock family will be in Monaco is unknown at this time, but I sure hope they have fun.

Meanwhile, more information about the upcoming Princely wedding has been released.   According to the Palais Princier de Monaco:

  1. The wedding will be shot in 3D (why, I have no idea.)
  2. The wedding will be Eco-Friendly éco-compatible including the cars and/or buses that will be used to transport guests.
  3. Revenue, from the networks who bought the rights to air the Princely wedding, will be donated to various foundations in Monaco.
  4. There will be a gala performance at the Monaco Opera.
  5. Lots of booze during the wedding as well pre-wedding gala events.
  6. Fireworks over Monaco (having a fireworks show isn’t exactly Eco-Friendly.  Sounds to me like the Palais Princier de Monaco PR team are freaking confused when it comes down to Environmental issues and crap.  I mean, get it right, people.  Is it or is it not a Eco-Friendly wedding because if it is don’t have a damn fireworks show!)

The magazine, Point de Vue, reports that Miss Wittstock will place her bridal bouquet at the Sainte Dévote church and the state banquet, during pre-wedding events, will be held at the Musée Océanographique.

So there you have it!  You are, once again, up-to-date with information regarding the upcoming Monaco Princely wedding.

Source:  Photos courtesy of DPA via andREUTERS/Issei Kato