Happy Belated Birthday Crown Princess Masako of Japan

Crown Princess Masako of Japan turned 47 years old this past December 9, 2010.  The little seen Crown Princess of Japan spent the day with her family at the Imperial Palace in Japan.

The life of Japan’s Crown Princess is a sad one.  Ever since she married the awesome Crown Prince Naurhito the once vibrant and outspoken Masako has become a shadow of her former self. Apparently, she suffers from depression as well as anxiety attacks.

To see her smiling and out and about is a real treat for royal watchers.  I sincerely hope she gets well soon.

Photos courtesy of AP Photo/Kyodo News and AP Photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno via Daylife.com

2 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Crown Princess Masako of Japan”

  1. Oh, how I agree. I just love Masako, and her story is so tragic. She married her love, against her better judgment, and its such a shame that the Japanese Imperial Household is so rigid and creates such a harsh environment. She seems happy in these photos, and I just hope that she’s finding some peace at last.

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