TRHs Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark Release a New Statement Regarding Herlufsholm.

After the release of the controversial TV2 documentary, Herlufsholms Hemmeligheder (Herlufsholm’s Secrets) and the immediate fallout last month, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark released another statement regarding their eldest son, His Royal Highness Prince Christian of Denmark, attendance at the prestigious boarding school. Here is what they had to say:

“As parents, we are at the moment facing some difficult considerations about our oldest children’s schooling. It is discussed in many places – also here on our own social media. It makes an impression on us. We have previously stated that we as a family are burdened by the unfortunate situation at Herlufsholm, and that we will follow the changes that are obviously necessary. Here we will try to share some of our thoughts and put more words into the considerations we make as a family.

Bullying, violence, and abuse are never acceptable. We must respond to the painful and devastating events by insisting on changes that ensure a safe environment for all. And we must also acknowledge the courage of those who have shared their violent experiences.

At the same time, we are the parents of a son who is very happy to go to the school. And a daughter who has long been looking forward to starting in the same place.

The question is whether the two sides can go hand in hand; whether we as parents can let our children go to Herlufsholm and at the same time react and insist on changes that benefit all students at the school. There will be divided opinions about that. But for us, the answer depends both on the investigations that have been initiated and on the effect of the initiatives that the school already has decided on. In addition, we will look at the school’s upcoming initiatives, but also at what we as parents can demand and contribute. The goal must be a future Herlufsholm, where all students – no matter who they are – thrive and can feel safe based on healthy values.

Finally, we will continue to talk with our children, show them confidence and listen to their wishes. Their perspective will also have to be taken into account when making our decision about their future schooling. Like all other parents, we want to do the best for our children. At the same time, we are aware of our special position as Crown Prince Couple. Here and now we do not know all the answers. As a family, we need more knowledge to be able to make the right decision for our children.

The Crown Prince Couple “

As a result of the fallout, the Herlufsholm announced that the school has created a “Well-Being Manager” on site at the elite boarding school beginning on August 1, 2022. Per a Herlufsholm press release:

“We have put in place an academic staff member whose position will be a Well-Being Manager. Herlufsholm School has for a number of years had a focus on student well-being. We will increase the efforts further with the desire to ensure a good environment and necessary cultural changes to create a nurturing, safe everyday life for all students at the school.”