TRHs Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark View a Screening of the Series, Versailles.

PJ og PM, 2015, gallaOn the evening of Wednesday, December 16, 2015, Their Royal Highnesses Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark arrived at the French Embassy in Copenhagen to view a screening of new Canal+ Création Originale series, Versailles.

The ten-part series, starring Mr. George Blagden as the late King Louis XIV of France, analyzes the one of the most important periods in French history “…1667 when King Louis XIV is on the cusp of greatness. A ruthless leader, he will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of creating the most beautiful palace in Europe and seizing absolute control of France and his enemies…” writes the industry newspaper, Deadline.

Rumor has it that the slightly raunchy €27 million series, Versailles, will be picked up by the American network, AMC.  Keep your fingers crossed.   🙂

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