HM Queen Mathilde of Belgium Attends the 2015 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize.


On Wednesday, November 18, 2015, Her Majesty Queen Mathilde of Belgium attended the 2015 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize held at the Palais des Académies in Brussels.

The award went to Professor Ben Feringa from the University of Groningen in Groningen, Netherlands. Professor Feringa received the Solvay Prize for his work on “…unidirectional molecular motors, a research field that paves the way to new therapeutic and technological applications with nanorobots…” according to a press release.

Established in 2013 the Solvay Prize, worth €300,000, aims to recognize every other year a:

“…major scientific discovery that lays the foundation of the chemistry of the future while promoting human progress. It underlines chemistry’s essential role, as a science and as well as an industry, to help solve some of the most pressing issues facing our planet.” 

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Photo courtesy of the Belgian royal court