Året med kungafamiljen 2012 (VIDEO)

srfFor those who are interested in watching the SVT documentary entitled, Året med Kungafamiljen 2012, then please click here.

The documentary follows all members of the Swedish royal family during the 2012 year and includes lengthy interviews and more.  As you may know by now the program is in Swedish.  There are no sub-titles.

Photo courtesy of Kungahuset

3 thoughts on “Året med kungafamiljen 2012 (VIDEO)”

  1. It looks as if His Majesty just got his poll results – and Estelle is indicating that SHE wants to be queen.

  2. Thank you soo much for this Alexandra!! The Swedish Royal family are my favorites. I LOVE seeing Princess Estelle. She’s so cute. I watched for the whole hour with what little Swedish I know.

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