His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje Attends the Presentation of “Soldaat van Oranje”

On August 30, 2012, His Royal Highness Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje attended the presentation of the musical entitled, Soldaat van Oranje, held at a former naval airbase in Valkenburg.  The prince was accompanied by the Chief of Defence, General Tom Middendorp, as well as top commanders from the Royal Netherlands Navy, Army and Air Force.

According to RVD, Soldaat van Oranje, is based on the true story of Dutch resistance fighter, Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema.  At the beginning of WWII Mr. Roelfzema:

“… escapes to England, after resistance actions in the Netherlands…From there he offers resistance by including radio equipment to the Netherlands to smuggle for reliable radio contact. He is also active as a pilot. At the end of the war he accompanies Queen Wilhelmina, in the position of adjutant, on her return to the Netherlands.”

For more information about Soldaat van Oranje please click here. 

Source: RVD/HKH