His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales: Partying in a Pool at 3am. Plus, Other News. (VIDEOS)

Well, His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales is back in lovely old England this afternoon after having an epic time in Vegas for the past several days.

Anyway, during his time in Sin City the prince  — as you know by now — hung out with Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte.  One night the duo decided to attend a pool party at 3am with several thousands of their closest friends.

So… yeah… not much else to say except click here to read more about Prince Harry’s adventures as well as to watch a video. 

Meanwhile, CNN, recently discussed the “… media’s reaction in Britain …” regarding the infamous photos of the prince in birthday suit.  Click here to watch the video. 

His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales: Having a Blast in Vegas!!

Ah, Vegas… a place where anything and everything happens!  Recently, His Royal Highness Prince Harry of Wales spent the weekend in the fun city with friends as well as with American swimmer, Ryan Lochte (the prince attended his birthday bash whilst in Vegas).

Anywho, the infamous American gossip site, TMZ, obtained some photos of good time Harry partying in his suite at the Wynn Hotel with a, well, let’s just say a lady sans clothing.

Now, I am sure more fun adventures happened for the awesome red-headed prince whilst in Vegas… perhaps a trip to the Spearmint Rhino… Lol!   🙂   But, we will never know because as they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” , well… except for the photos below.



Click here to read an article as well as to view photos of Harry’s wild weekend.