Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Concert (LIVE VIDEO)

Well, the Diamond Jubilee Concert for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has just begun.   🙂 Want to watch it?  Click here to watch the show!

By the way, the link takes time to load so hang in there.   🙂

2 thoughts on “Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee Concert (LIVE VIDEO)”

  1. Thank you SO much for providing a link. I would never have found it myself! I really enjoyed watching the show from my home office here in Ontario, Canada. Long live our noble Queen!

    1. You’re very welcome, Diffy! 🙂 The show was amazing, especially, Stevie Wonder and the speech at the end of the concert by the Prince of Wales. I hope the official You Tube channel for the British royal family will upload the entire concert in the future. If they do I will definitely link it for those who missed the event.

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