Adiós, Senorita! His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain Allegedly Dumps His Longtime and Controversial Mistress, Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

In today’s edition of the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, well-known journalist, Pilar Eyre, reports that His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain has allegedly kicked his longtime and controversial mistress, Princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, to the curb!

Adiós, senorita!

The old king allegedly ended his relationship with the tarty German princess after the infamous Botswana Affair which resulted in the massive backlash against him from the people of Spain and from around the world.  I suppose he’s trying to rehabilitate his reputation as a responsible dude as well as loving husband.

Any way…

The blonde and busty princess has apparently fled to Monte-Carlo, Monaco where she will remain in hiding indefinitely.  She has also hired a “… prestigious lawyer from Germany, Mr. Matthias Prinz…” According to Pilar Eyre, the reason why the blonde princess hired Mr. Prinz is to “… track all international media in search of information that can damage the honour of his client…”  

Too late.  Eyes

Sources: Vanitatis and La Voz Libre via El Mundo

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan Releases a Statement Regarding Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

On May 12, 2012, the Imperial Household Agency released a statement from His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito of Japan regarding Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations:

It is with great pleasure that together with the Empress I will visit the United Kingdom to attend a luncheon in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, to which she has invited monarchs of various countries. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Her Majesty for this invitation.

The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was held soon after World War II, in June 1953, the year after the Treaty of Peace with Japan went into effect. At that time, being 19 years old, I attended the ceremony representing Emperor Showa, and taking that opportunity, visited quite a few countries in Europe and North America, a trip during which I learned and experienced so much.

To read the statement in its entirety please click here. (in English)

Source: The Mainichi via the Imperial Household Agency Press Release.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales (aka the Duke of Rothesay) Continues His Visit to Scotland (VIDEO)

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, was Kilmarnock on May 11, 2012. The future king visited the North West Youth Project and Community Center.  Afterward, he “… re-opened the Johnnie Walker Bond Building…” and then attended the inauguration of the “… new Anaerobic Digestion Plant…” in North Ayrshire.

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Random Royal News Regarding Their Royal Highnesses Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium

His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium attended a presentation and conference with young entrepreneurs on May 11, 2012 in Brussels.  The theme of today’s event: Financing Growth and Risk management Strategies.

In the afternoon, Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde attended the exhibition The Golden Age of China: Treasures of the Tang Dynasty (610-907 A.D.) in Maaseik. This unique exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Musea Maaseik and the Drents Museum in Assen, Netherlands.

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Source: La Monarchie Belge and

Random Royal News Regarding His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover.

On May 11, 2012, His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg held an audience with representatives from the United Nations at the Grand Ducal palace.  These representatives are participating in a seminar entitled, ‘Diplomacy, Development and Defense: The Importance of a Holistic Approach to the Maintenance of Peace and International Security’ according to the Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg.

Meanwhile, Her Royal Highness Princess Caroline of Hanover was in Baden-Baden, Germany on May 11, 2012, to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Margraviate of Baden (became a Grand Duchy in 1806-1918.)  According to a press release regarding the celebrations, the House of Baden is:

… the oldest and influential in German history and has influenced greatly both Baden-Württemberg and Baden.

Again and again the House Baden remained throughout its history with major challenges, threats, even before the end.  And, time and again the house has managed to survive.

For more information about the celebrations please click here. (in German)  Click here to learn more about the history of the house.

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Sources: Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg and Presse Stammhaus Montfort