On February 27, 2012, Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg welcomed Red Cross volunteers to the Grand Ducal Palace for a reception.  The purpose of today’s event was to thank as well as honor the more than 70 volunteers who are committed to the Red Cross and to those who are “… the most vulnerable in the Luxembourg and abroad.”  

On February 22, 2012, Prince Charles-Philippe d’Orléans, Duke of Anjou and the Duchess of Cadaval brought home their daughter, Isabelle, from the hospital.  Click here to watch a video.

Finally, new photos were released of Carl Alexander Prinz von Hohenzollern’s press conference/photo-op/wedding reception held at Château du Bel Air.  The new royal couple looked incredibly happy as they sipped on Andres champagne whilst wearing Lederhosen.

A touching moment during the press conference/photo-op/wedding reception is when Frederic Faux Prince von Anhalt presented Corinna, the bikini princess, with a brand new tiara… from Claire’s Accessories.  Click here to view photos.

Sources: Cour Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg and journalist Manuel Beninger.