The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall Visit Tottenham

Per the Press Association:

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall were greeted by surprised locals when they returned to Tottenham to visit businesses that were ravaged in the riots last August.

Charles and Camilla spoke to people from local businesses at the new post office, the Pride of Tottenham pub, and the corner where Carpetright once stood, marking six months since the third night of riots.

They last visited Tottenham just after the riots last August and when she arrived at the post office, Camilla said: ‘It’s very nice to be back again.’

Chris Lane, manager of Tottenham town centre, attached a badge to Charles’s coat which said “I (heart) Tottenham”, and the royal couple also received a canvas bag displaying the same slogan.

They were also encouraged to get into the Valentine’s mood as the postmaster, Vipin Rao, put garlands of red and yellow roses around their necks, taken from a corner of the room which was decked out for Valentine’s Day.

Wearing a coat designed by Roy Allen made from Harris tweed which was given to her during a trip to Scotland last year, the Duchess complimented the attire of Sir William Castell who set up the High Street Fund.

‘I like your hat,’ Camilla told Sir William as she greeted him outside the Pride of Tottenham pub.

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Photo courtesy of Daylife/Reuters