T.S.H.s Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco Visit Antiparos, Greece

Just one day after filing a lawsuit against the French newspaper, L’Express, for invasion of privacy and spreading false rumors, the princely couple of Monaco were already on holiday in the Greek Islands.

According to the online newspaper, Greek Reporter, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II visited Antiparos, Greece to simply, well, chill, “They enjoyed walks along the amazing beaches of Antiparos and were polite to all on-looking admirers.” (source)

South African journalist, Clyde Meela, confirms the couple’s holiday in Greece in his latest article.  Apparently, the beautiful princess sent Mr. Meela an Email last Friday evening whereupon she noted, “…we are off to cruise the Greek Islands tomorrow for a couple of days…”


The next event for Their Serene Highnesses Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco will be the Monaco Red Cross Ball.

To read the article by Mr. Clyde Meela please click the link here. 

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Source: The Greek Reporter and BCT