The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in L.A.!

Well, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are finally here in Los Angeles and most Angelenos just don’t care (we have other things on our mind like the closure of the 405 Fwy next week, TSOL playing at the Brixton, and other stuff.)   🙂

Anyway, the couple touched down at LAX with throngs of journalists and photographers watching their every move.  Once the couple’s royal feet touched the pavement they were greeted by California Governor, Jerry Brown, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the British ambassador and consul general and other dignitaries.

Soon, the Duke and Duchess hopped into their black and not so environmentally friendly Land Rover and were then whizzed through the side streets of L.A. via a LAPD police escort (who stopped all traffic annoying everyone in their cars) thus avoiding the 405 Fwy.  Finally, the royal duo arrived at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to attend a conference.

To read the couple’s L.A. itinerary please click here here and here.

To read more about the Duke and Duchess’s arrival click here to read my crappy local newspaper, Daily Breeze.

To view photos please click here.  

With that… Welcome to L.A., Wills and Kate!  Glad to have you here!   🙂

No.  Those are not my hands, in case you were wondering.

Photo courtesy of: Reuters/Kevork Djansezian/Pool

One thought on “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in L.A.!”

  1. Those hands are awesome, I have to say. When I lived in LA, I made the avoidance of the 405 into an art-form. I would have been totes annoyed if my secret routes were held up because of these two. I’m sure there were plenty of people who were spitting nails as they sat there waiting for the Royal Rover to drive by. I do like Kate’s dress though. William is as exciting as cottage cheese, unfortunately.

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