On July 4, 2011, the son of the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, H.I.R.H. Archduke Otto von Habsburg, has died.  He was 98 years old.

Per the official website for the late Archduke:

Otto von Habsburg, eldest son of the last regnant Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, long-time member of the European Parliament and Honorary President of the International Paneuropean Union died at his residence in Pöcking, Upper Bavaria at the age of 98 on July 4, 2011.

During the next days, there will be several requiems and the possibility to pay your condolences to Dr. Otto von Habsburg.

The coffin will rest for three days in the Church f St. Ulrich in Pöcking, Bavaria, while there is a perpetual adoration.

After that there will be requiems in Pöcking, Munich, Mariazell, Vienna and Budapest.

If you would like to visit the official website for the late H.I.R.H. Archduke Otto von Habsburg you may do so here.

To watch a video news report about the death of the Archduke please click here.

To read more about the incredible life of Archduke Otto von Habsburg please click the link herehere, and here

Photo courtesy of: Wikipedia and Otto von Habsburg


  1. His was a life lived well, and Europe owes this outstanding man a tremendous amount. May God bless Beloved Otto!

    Jack Copeland
    Vancouver, Canada

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