Monaco Princely Wedding: The Religious Wedding Re-Airing

If you missed the entire Monaco princely wedding between Their Serene Highnesses Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II of Monaco you can watch it again. Monaco Princely Wedding (With the arrivals of all the guests, the entire wedding, and much more.  It’s two hours and a half hours long.)

Click here to watch seven short clips.  Or, Click here to watch the entire wedding uninterrupted. 

Monaco Info en Ligne will re-air the wedding.

Short five minute clip from Nice-Matin 

More from Nice-Matin 

RAI Italian television (just look to your right and chose which part of the ceremony you wish to watch.)

One thought on “Monaco Princely Wedding: The Religious Wedding Re-Airing”

  1. Bonjour, thank you for you blog and the wonderful pictures you place in. (Sorry for my english, I’m french, and not fluent)

    It was a marvellous ceremony, full of emotion, and colors of the Southern little state of Monaco, wich is a beautiful place.

    I have appreciated every minute, especially the south african song and words… The Princess Charlène was very beautiful, hair, gown, no jewel except the wonderful one in her hair…. Perfection !

    She seems to be a very sensitive, human, clever and soft personn, and she has style and what we call “Classe”… Prince Albert was cool, in an american style I think… And the little “demoiselles d’honneur” in typical local costumes, made by the Ballet of Monaco, were so cute,… and the petals of roses.. It is such a pleasure to share that kind of delicate moments in our rude world…

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