HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton to live in the Late Diana, Princess of Wales’s Home?

According to the Telegraph newspaper, it is true.  But, as you know by now, dear friends, you should take what the press has to say with a grain of salt.

Anyway, this is what the reporter from the Telegraph has to say about the supposed move:

‘William has let it be known that he wants them to live at Kensington Palace,’ says a courtier. ‘It is where he grew up and he has very happy memories.’

It has been suggested that Kate and William might live at St James’s Palace, but this is dismissed by the courtier. ‘St James’s Palace is dark, dingy and depressing,’ he says. ‘William does not want to live there.’

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Source: Telegraph Newspaper

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5 thoughts on “HRH Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton to live in the Late Diana, Princess of Wales’s Home?”

  1. If this is true and I would be in Kate’s position I would be scared RIGHT now… Does she really want a husband who has a mother complex and tries to make his wife the reflection of Diana?? IF this IS true… I say only on thing: RUN, Kate, RUN!!


  2. I don’t understand the issue. People seem unwilling or incapable of separating Diana, Princess of Wales, world famous ex-royal, from the woman who was William’s mother. So far, William has only verifiably passed on his mother’s ring. And so what? It was his mother’s ring and special to him, not, in his mind, the ring of some tragic figure that the world can’t seem to forget.

    Now this (if true)? Would you rather William lived with his grandparents, or his father and stepmother, or perhaps in a dark, dingy and depressing place simply because “Diana, Princess of Wales lived here.” It doesn’t make any sense. It’s the best royal palace in London for a family. It’s light, airy and has happy memories for him. It’s his home, just as much as Diana’s home.

    William and Kate are clearly their own people. If the choice of Westminster Abbey, arriving by car, having a dinner/dance reception and reportedly a more form fitting dress aren’t enough, then the comparisons will never end in the minds of some. It’s unfair. Should William stop supporting his mother’s charities because it’s creepy? Should he give up charity work altogether because that’s what she was famous for? Should Kate avoid every British restaurant, designer, event, charity, etc. that Diana favored? It’s all ridiculous. William isn’t afraid of his mother’s memory, but it seems everyone else is.

  3. Honestly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    They need a base in London, and it’s not like they can go out and rent or buy a flat in Notting Hill like a normal couple. Buckingham Palace is out since apparently only the Queen lives there. Living at Clarence House with William’s father and step-mother would be really odd, and St. James’ Palace is apparently okay for offices but not at all where a young family would want to live. Why on earth SHOULDN’T they look at Kensington Palace, then? Where exactly does everyone who is bothered by this think they should live when in London?

    Everyone keeps focusing on the fact that Diana lived there. Yes, she did: in 2 apartments that are now occupied by others. William also lived there – it was his childhood home and by all accounts it is bright, has great gardens, and sounds like a nice place to live. They’d be assigned different apartments from the ones William grew up in, so I don’t understand why on earth everyone has their knickers in a twist over this. It’s a building, one of a few that are available to the couple when they’re in London, and the one that seems best suited to a young couple or young family.

    Testino, by the way, has photographed lots of other people besides Diana…most notably William’s own father, and has photographed William and Harry numerous times. He was the natural choice, in my opinion.

    I’m sorry for the rant, but it seems like some folks are just LOOKING for stuff to get worked up about. I wasn’t thrilled about the choice of the ring, but I can understand that the boys allegedly had an agreement about it. The rest just seems like a lot of fuss about the trivial.

  4. I can see why someone would choose to move into their childhood home, particularly if it were a palace. The ring however was an odd choice, I mean how about those vows?”With this ring, though fully representative of a doomed and unhappy marriage I thee wed, not because I’ve ever REALLY expressed my undying love for you in interviews, but because you’re great fun and this is the natural course of things…” Nevertheless, I cannot WAIT to see her wedding dress!

  5. I wasnt very impressed with the ring either, I wish he’d chosen that one we saw in Argos.


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