Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan Attends the 150th Anniversary of the Japan-Germany Amity Treaty

This afternoon, January 24, 2011, Japan’s Crown Prince Naruhito attended the 150th anniversary of the Amity Treaty between Germany and Japan, “The treaty was signed to establish diplomatic and commercial relations between the two countries.”

During the celebrations Crown Prince Naruhito gave a speech as well as hosted a reception at the National Art Center in Tokyo.  Attendees included German Culture Minster Bernd Neumann and the German Ambassador to Japan, Volker Stanzel.  Unfortunately, Crown Princess Masako was, once again, absent.  Then again, royal watchers never see her unless it’s a balcony appearance at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.

Such a shame.

To view more images from this event please click the link: Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan

Source and photos courtesy of: Day Life by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images