This isn’t exactly breaking news for many royal watchers (in fact several of us knew months ago), but Miss Charlene Wittstock will wear a custom designed wedding gown by Mr. Giorgio Armani for her wedding to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Actually, she will wear two items designed by the famous Italian designer.  One for her civil marriage, that will take place on July 1, and one for the religious ceremony on July 2, 2011.

Miss Wittstock and Mr. Armani have a long relationship together when it comes to her fashion choices.  In case you didn’t know, she is the official Ambassador for the House of Armani.

Source: Nice-Matin Photo courtesy of: Michael Carpenter/


  1. Urgh, am I the only one who is not so excited about this wedding? I mean… Georgio Armani is so OUT… I don’t want to be negative but I really would like to see something fresh on her.:-)

    1. Well, Jasmin, you don’t know what he’s going to design. After all, he does have to please his client and she’s not the “fresh” type when it comes to style. She has more of a minimal style. I’m sure she will look fabulous because all her clothes are perfectly tailored.

      Is it me or does she always look sad? I’ve read reports of her being nervous but I feel she looks sad.

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