Miss Charlene Wittstock ‘The New Grace’ (Not my Words)

Well, folks, it is inevitable at this point, and all fingers should be pointed to the PR management at the Palais Princier de Monaco.  Yes, that’s right… I’m pointing my finger at those who are overly paid, and who have no idea what they are doing, at the Palace in Monaco.

So why am I blaming them?  Well, first was their insistence that Miss Charlene Wittstock speak with the reporter from Tatler magazine, then their enthusiasm that she dress like the late movie star turned HSH Princess of Monaco, and not notice that there may be a backlash or problem with it.  Nor, did they realize that it is simply odd to promote such a notion (did that make any sense?)

Any way, the Spanish magazine, Hola, recently ran an article entitled, “The New Grace” in reference to Miss Charlene Wittstock.


Here is what they, Hola Magazine, has to say:

This summer will at last be a new Grace to Monaco. With great power of seduction, aristocratic and natural elegance, but also with golden hair and eyes as heaven.  The Prince promised power in its resemblance in each public appearance with poses, outfits, hairstyles, makeup to the delight of his countrymen. Thus from the beginning the sovereign and his girlfriend did not hide his love, but he also made her a place in many official events.  She impeccably served as his makeshift role of First Lady. And Monaco fell for her as it did fifty years ago and they were happy for Charlene to occupy the gap left by  Princess Grace.


Source: Hola.com Photo courtesy of Hola.com and some dudes who took the photos.  You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Miss Charlene Wittstock ‘The New Grace’ (Not my Words)”

  1. Please don’t hate me but, this woman has had soooo much work done to her in the last couple of years! Yes if it was me and I had crappy teeth, would get them fixed, or really bad sun damage, (just examples) would get it fixed. I just see so many tiny little tweaks, it just scares me alittle.

  2. If this creature can really seduce anyone, I would seriously question their sexual leaning… JMO

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